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some erotica

MFM Threesome

These two guys, friends of a friend, started flirting with me at a party. I liked them, we clicked. They were my age, good looking, fit, intelligent and sexy as anything. The air hummed with our sexual energy. We were full of sneaky glances, intense eye contact and sly grins. They were obviously interested and they left no doubt in my mind what they wanted. I was ready to go.

I couldn’t believe my luck. I’d wanted a threesome with two guys for ages but I’d been waiting for the right guys, one's I could trust and who I was fiercely attracted to them. I was also looking for a couple of guys that could deal with my strong personality, I’m no shrinking violet. My energy can intimidate men. I didn’t want some cocky git, I wanted confident but tender. I wanted men who enjoyed dirty sex but had a healthy respect for women. It was a hard bill, but I scored at that party.

Back to my empty apartment we started making out as soon as we were in the door and our coats were off. My shirt was pulled over my head between kisses, he un-fastening my bra with enough stealth to make my body quiver. The other one come up behind me, cupping my round arse while nibbling the back of my neck. The excitement of being sandwiched between two guys was almost too much. I could feel their hard cocks pressing against my legs and my wet knickers clinging to my pussy.

The guy in front was focused on my breasts, taking my nipple in his mouth while the guy behind slid my skirt up and my knickers down. One boobs guy one arse guy, what woman could ask for more, they appreciated my body as it were a fine wine. I reached out and rubbed each of their cocks, left hand back, right hand forward. Lush.

We undressed and I led them to my bedroom. I knelt and sucked one of their cocks, I was getting really into it when I feel the other guy behind me pushing my thighs apart. He slides under me and starts to suck my clit and lick me, he grabbed my arse, as I grabbed his hair and as my hair was being pulled.

The guy who was under me gets up and sits on the edge of the bed. I crawl over to him and take his cock in my mouth, balls in hand. Blowing two cocks in quick succession is lovely. Each cock is so different, each with it’s own shape, scent and taste. On all fours the guy I sucked first knelt behind me, I felt him slide his cock into my wet pussy. It felt so good to have my mouth and my cunt filled at the same time. I loved when the guy behind me pushed into me and rocked my body forward forcing me to deep throat his friend. We got into a rhythm, controlling my gag reflex. Enjoying sex is as much about being in touch with your body as in controlling your mind.

We switched positions, I straddled the boy I had been blowing, I rode his horny hard cock like a proper cowgirl. My powerful thigh muscles allowed me to comfortably ride him slowly, to easily slide up and down his shaft. I teased him, allowing only head in, rolling it around inside my pussy and then suddenly taking his shaft deep inside me. I bent over him, kissing him passionately, letting him lick and bite my nipples when I felt the other guy spreading my ass cheeks. I was so excited when I felt his lubed finger start to massage my rosebud. He gently fingered my arse while kissing and biting my cheeks, adding the occasional slap. He pulled away.

I kept grinding away at the guy under me, we locked eyes and smiled, I was having the time of my life and something told me it was just about to get even better. I felt the other guy spreading my ass again, this time his well lubed cock pressed into my arse. I relaxed allowing my body to accept the second cock. He slide slowly in all the way in till his head was deep in my arse and his balls bounced lightly on my thighs. I felt so full I could hardly move, it didn’t feel too much, but it did feel mind blowing. All three of our bodies moved, the guy under me rode me from below while the guy behind fucked me fromt he rear. Their cocks thrust deeply into me. I submitted totally to their cocks, put my trust in them and they amazed me, took me to new places, places I had only dreamt of.


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é bé

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mmm, you are so sexy !

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