I just don't get it.....................  

SexyTLC13 49F
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10/17/2005 10:51 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

I just don't get it.....................

I've talked to alot of guys lately that tell me their wives don't want to have sex.... I don't get it. What the hell is wrong with these women?
I don't have a man so I can't relate to them on that level, but hell if I did he sure wouldn't be complaining about no sex at home.
Sex is not dirty, and it's exciting to watch pornos, and hell I read the magazines myself.
Sex is a wonderful part of a relationship where you bond together even more. I couldn't stay in a sexless relationship, there would be no goddam way!
I guess not all women are sexual like me, and things happen, but to be in love and have earth shattering sex, that is the life. anyone agree?

9Simon9 66M
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10/18/2005 7:57 am

I agree.

Great pic!!

oldadbt 65M
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10/20/2005 4:54 pm

I have a wife that DOESN'T WANT SEX. We haven't slept together in over 2 years. EXPLAIN TO ME WHAT HAS HAPPENED!! I have had several lovers since, and ALL of them have told me that I AM GREAT. What's going on. A woman just can't turn off her sex drive CAN SHE??? I love slow sensual, drive her head into the pillow SEX. When I looked at your picture my cock stood straight up. WHAT'S WRONG WITH THAT

SexyTLC13 49F

10/27/2005 1:26 pm

awww must be that Sex appeal you see in my sexy eyes.
Honey I don't know what's wrong with your wife!
You are not the first to say this. I am single, and like I said
if I had a man of my own he would never be complaining or hanging on any sex sight looking around to mingle. Dam things like this make my heart ache. When I was with my ex we had sex two and three times a day, everyday. Now I hardly get any except for rubber toys. It's a dam shame isn't it?
If I could hug you I would. But I am not into married men.
I'm going to find someone to love and when I do I'm getting off this computer because I'll be too dam busy pleasing him and he will do the same for me.

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