Just when Everything is going right, something has to go wrong...  

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5/14/2006 10:36 pm

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Just when Everything is going right, something has to go wrong...

Just when Everything is going right, something has to go wrong...

Do you ever find yourself saying something like this?

"Just when everything is perfect, something has to come and flip it all up!"

You ever notice that the one who flips it up is YOU?

It's called Sabotage, my friend.

Sabotage is when people set themselves up for failure.

A lot of people do this to themselves.

(If you feel this doesn't apply to you, read this anyway and learn!!
Maybe someone close to you does this and doesn't know it and they need YOU to let them know.)

People sabotage themselves because they are used to living with problems. Some people feel that if everything is "going right" in their lives, that there is DEFINITELY something very wrong coming their way.

The better their situation, the worse their problems will be.

Many people don't realize that the problems usually come from themselves.

Something THEY made happen.

Something THEY created.

Something THEY set up knowing was going to fail anyway.

Yes, yes...we all have the occasional...
"NO! this person did this...and that caused this problem!"

But come on now, we all know that if another person tries to ruin your life, YOU can always fix it or at least try and do something about it...RIGHT?

And if you say are trying to say that it's someone else's fault EVERYTIME...
Then my friend, YOU have bigger problems.


1.- You're suffering from flippin' paranoia and you think that the world is out to get you.

or even worse:

2.- You blame others for your own faults WAY TOO MUCH!

Sabotage can be easily avoided.

Before you make any decisions, STOP and think about the pro's and con's of the situation.

If you feel that this decision will bring you more bad than good in the future,
(and this includes hurting other people's feelings)


You're setting yourself up for FAILURE!


Don't do things that are good but look bad.
And don't do things that are bad but look good.


Trust me! If you think about it, it makes perfect sense!

fillsnicely06 68M

6/5/2006 9:28 pm

You can`t go about life thinking you are going to fail.Failure is the way we learn.Just watch a baby learning to walk.If his mother stopped him every time he tried to knowing he was going to fall,he would never learn to walk.On the other hand doing the same thing over n over and getting bad results is just as crazy.You need to keep tweeking to get things right,so never never give up.

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