Majik Spells  

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Majik Spells


Magic spells for love, Money, Truth - Confession Spell Success; these powererful Spells of magic are the windows to success and happiness. Magical Spells are not just spells but they are recipes (affirmations) that use words of majick and if they are casted properly by those who cast them magic spells work successfully.

Magic Spells can be casted on many topics. Magic Spells can be used for (Attaining Love through Magic with Love Spells. Attaining Money through Magic Money Spells. Magic can aid in your sex life through spells.Magic can be used for Binding to keep somone from harmimg you through Spells. Last but not least sex magic to enhance your sexual pleasures.) All of these are very important magic spells and if casted properly spell castings of magic spells can do wonders.

(Love Spells): Are considered to be performed the most. Love Spells are used for attraction, love spells are used for binding each other, and love spells to reunite lost love are the most common high majik power spells.

Remember Wicca, Pagan, & Egyptian Magic Spells are for helping with the aid of the light (through Jesus Name) and dark magic spells should be avoided because they always come back to you 7 fold.

Majikal (Money Spells): Money spells can be used to enhance your gambling performance. To ease financial troubles Money spells can do wonders. The Money spells can also be used to achieve anything your heart desires related to the attainment of Money. Money Spells: Magic Money Spells are casted for solving financial woes; Money spells are very strong powerful spells and many times have done wonders but some have a catch.Sometimes you never know where the Money will come from..

Protection spells that especially protect people from Black Magic Spells is possible through the help of power white magic, wicca, pagan spells or even white magic spells of healing. Spells of white Majick are superior destroying any type of evil influences caused by a black magic spell or curse.That especially was started through Black Magic or Black Witch Craft spells.

MagicCharms or Mystical Magical Charms: Love Charms, Money charms, Success charms Attraction charms and all purpose magickal charms are some of the common magical powerful charms when worn around the neck as amulet majick charms can do wonders and miracles specially charms for Money and charms for love also protection Charms

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