June 06 Horoscopes  

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June 06 Horoscopes

Monthly Horoscope

June 2006

Written by Lisa Lazuli Famed Radio Astrologer In The UK

06-01 thru 06-30

(These Horoscopes are the Intellectual Property of Lisa Lazuli)

June 2006: Horoscopes

Aries: x

This is an excellent month for heart to heart discussions with your immediate family: do not allow the pressure to build up; discuss the issues as soon as there is an opportunity.

You may find yourself preoccupied over events which happened in the past, so much so that these thoughts may provide a distraction from thoughts of your present situation. Your subconscious may be drawing you towards these past memories as there is a link to your current problem/situation ‒ the link may be crucial in solving the problem, so do not ignore it.

June will not be a good month for taking risks or cutting corners, Mars conjunct Saturn in your fifth demands methodical, systematic and patient approaches to work and other pursuits or even part time activities.

You may find other people, even those whom you are involved with romantically rather irritating and many a time you will have to compromise in order to keep the peace. June may not be a particularly amusing or carefree month and the best way to handle it, is to avoid social or group situations unless you are feeling in a particularly patient mood.

On the romantic front, many Aries may actually sever relations with partners as the relationship has become more of a burden than a joy (this does not apply to long term committed relationships). Arians will realise that certain situations are doing them no good and decide to separate themselves from those situations and the people involved.

A financially active month with good opportunities for cautious investing or alternatively for financial restructuring; which although it may appear hard work and rather daunting, will be very beneficial and will give you more freedom in the long run.

Taurus: c

The microscope will shift to your personal and domestic life in June. Anything which you have been ‘putting off’ or not really handling will have to be dealt with as it will become critical. The events will range from a reorganisation of your domestic affairs to a complete overhaul of family life and relationships. You will suddenly see things in a very different light. Your home itself or family be a large responsibility or burden in June. Things that were once important in your life may well become prominent factors once again, especially if they were never resolved in the past.

This is an important month to dig deep ‒ inner problems and repressed angers/resentments and fears will continue to dog your progress and create obstacles to your happiness and well being if you do not recognise that they are there. This IS a time of new beginnings but to be sure of a good start you need to have an emotional clean sheet. Forgiving and forgetting and releasing past experiences is key to this process.

A busy month for paperwork and communications of all sorts i.e. letter writing, faxing, emailing etc.

Do not feel forsaken as with Jupiter in your Seventh house you will encounter people who will come to your aid. You are not inclined to go it alone despite the complexity of the issues facing you. This is a good time to call on professional help from either lawyers, doctors, consultants etc as they will have valuable advice.

Make sure in all legal dealings you have every angle covered as small mistakes could trip you up. Other than that all legal and professional areas of life should be ‘hitch-less’.

Gemini: v

June has the potential to be a very frustrating and demanding month if you are travelling or involved in negotiations or extended communications. Getting agreement and moving things along will be very hard due to lack of information; lack of agreement or delays in getting adequate information to make decisions. You may also find yourself more irritated than usual by neighbours or extended family who may interfere with you unnecessarily.

Within your work or any correspondence you engage in, great patience and discipline as well as effort will be needed.

There is no doubt that your energy levels are sky high and that you are feeling very confident, motivated and excited about the new directions and opportunities opening in your career as well as personal life. You are finding your work both fulfilling and rewarding and your achievements at work are enhancing your self esteem and sense of worth. You may experience new opportunities to learn at work, better pay or better conditions.

June will be an excellent month for health, physical strength and vitality. Despite all the positives, Gemini are experiencing as great deal of tension ‒ it is as if you do not know how far to go. Perhaps the rate of change is too quick for even the versatile nature of Gemini or maybe a part of you fears the commitment some of the opportunities may demand of you in the future ‒ Gemini are legendary for being non-committal and giving definite maybes . The challenge is to know where to forge ahead and in what areas to cut back so that you are not spread to thin. Trust your own advice and inner wisdom and do not allow pessimism over what really are small obstacles to cloud the picture.


A great time for negotiating especially if detachment and objectivity are needed. Cancerians often think with their heart, but in June, your head and your heart will be on the same page for a change and making good decisions will be easy. You can accomplish great things mentally this month and so it is a good time to tackle any study, presentational or public speaking projects or writing: Cancer is the sign of the author so seize the moment and get cracking with that poem or novel.

Be especially careful with finances this month as you will have a strong inclination to resent the limitations they impose on you and you may ignore these and act impulsively. Financial restrictions may come out of no where and the robustness of your financial situation will be tested. You may begin to feel quite insecure financially, but the month need not be a negative one for the $ and £ column as long as you keep your eye on the ball and are prepared to make cut backs.

Essentially the focus on finances this month and the need to be a tad frugal will draw your attention to the fact that a desire and preoccupation with the material in the past few months, has kept you from discovering the value of the non-material things in life. You have been so focused on career and money lately that during June you will rediscover the joy more philosophical, esoteric or emotional facets of life can offer. You will be inclined to reflect on family values and what really matter in your life.


At times you will feel as if you are beating your head against a brick wall! However in June you have the capacity for enormous effort and you can achieve a great deal though hard work. Discipline, concentration as well as effort are required. Do not scatter your energy over a spectrum of projects, remain focused. People will appear to get in your way constantly ‒ you will be called upon to work in a team or in conjunction with others and this will lead to stress and many ‘spanners in the works’ ‒ no doubt working alone will be easier and preferable, but not always possible.

It is an important month to look after your health as you will most probably be the last thing on your mind. You may feel that others are not aware of your limitations and are pushing you too far. Since 2006 is a year of great change for Leo, I feel that much of this change will be focused on June with home moves or major family events/changes part of the scene.

Overall this month is part of is a positive growth phase for Leo, full of fresh opportunities, however it is very easy to get bogged down in all the work and rig moral and to loose sight of the bigger picture.

Another element of challenge for Leo will be reconciling family and home life expectations with your own personal development. Leo’s are changing and growing psychologically and emotionally this year, but while their confidence is high, this month will undoubtedly cause Leos to question whether the new them can live with the other more stagnant factors in their lives. Put another way, Leo’s are growing out of certain people and circumstances in their lives.


While working patiently and quietly in the back ground does not usually concern the modest Virgo, the self denial and frustration of Mars Conjunct Saturn in the Twelfth House may be more of a headache. June will be an uneasy month, and Virgos will not know how to press ahead without risking undermining themselves. The best way to deal with June is to become completely aware of yourself (Virgos do tend to know themselves quite well anyway) and to try and eradicate self defeating behaviour; try to recognise that at times you are your own worst enemy. Refrain from confrontation with others and try to work alone as much as possible. Actually June is a great month for Virgos involved in research ‒ many are active in the medical and scientific fields and they will make great progress in their work.

Virgo are experiencing a tremendous drive for change, you are looking to cut your losses and look forward rather than back. Old thought patterns and beliefs, even the subconscious ones will be broadened and expanded ‒ you attitude to others is altogether more generous, understanding and tolerant and as a consequence you are attracting a whole new genre of person to you: new relationships are highly likely in June and old relationships will require both flexibility and the acceptance of change to endure.

You will be meeting many new people via your career/profession and there is relationship potential, although right now it’s hard for you to commit as you are undergoing such a growth phase within that you automatically resist anything which threatens to tie you down. Be cautious over any financial/business dealings with siblings or other relatives ‒ while there is good potential for money making, there could be losses resulting through carelessness.


In June, your thoughts will primarily be to do with career and professional life. You may well embark on training or some sort of career related study. Job related communications will be important, but beware of getting caught up in red tape and the petty procedural aspects of your work. June is a very beneficial time to deal with business related promotion and contract negotiations.

June will be a stressful month for teamwork and progress may be slow and painstaking ‒ patience is the key word. Keep a lid on the irritability as even the great Libran temperament will be frustrated in June at times.

Saturn in the eleventh house is bringing great rewards to Librans in terms of life goals, hopes and aspirations: the better you have prepared the better these results will be. However if you are suffering from disappointments and things have not materialised how you had hoped, it is an indication that you have tackled things in the wrong way ‒ do not be dogmatic and stubborn, take a good look at where you are and dare to try something new. Plugging on in the same old mode will not deliver results no matter how much effort you put in. You need to change the route and NOT the destination. With Jupiter and Saturn squaring up in your money houses, Libra have a great potential for business bucks, but you must be careful of the way you use resources and the effect of your business actions on society as a whole. Always be inclusive and bring everyone (ie. friends, colleagues, the community) on board to ensure success.

This is a good month for investment purchases: or maybe even a status purchase i.e. flash new car?

Physical activity with friends i.e athletics, golf etc is especially good for Librans. Work may be dominating your life, but do not loose sight of more philosophical and spiritual aspects of life!


To a large extent the success and troubles of June will be a direct result of past actions: it is a month of harvest and reaping. The better you have prepared the better things will be. Responsibility will be thrust upon you within your professional and there will be ample opportunity for leadership roles. I do feel that with Jupiter in the first house, the Scorpio heart is more inclined to freedom and expansion than responsibility, so you may find things quite onerous.

Personally Scorpio have a complete sense of who they are this month; no matter what your life circumstances you are at a peak in terms of personal growth. You are far stronger and more centred and have a clear idea of where you are going.

Changes are occurring in the lives of Scorpio and June will be a month of beginnings and endings. I feel that it is necessary for Scorpio to keep all ‘endings’ in perspective ‒ Scorpio often suffer in having to let go and find moving on hard, but right now you are being tested and any aspects of your life which no longer hold importance or which have failed will have to go. Whatever you find is no longer working this month (be it relationships or in terms of life goals/career etc) must be abandoned or completely changed. Many of the changes you make will affect finances; especially those you hold with others i.e. loans, debts etc. The more opposition you encounter in X area of your life, the more the planets are trying to give you a cosmic push to recognise that a complete overhaul or rehash of that area of life is needed. Doors closing and windows opening are the theme for June. Alternatively you cannot get more in a cupboard if you don’t take something out ‒ one must let go of something to allow in more new opportunities.

June will be an extremely restless month and you Scorpions will resent limitations and restrictions. Try to avoid hasty reactions to surface situations, rather examine the underlying fundamental forces at work.


During June, be careful not to assume anything! Although Sagittarius my have a very broad and open minded attitude to life you may fall into the trap of thinking you ‘know it all’ and closing up shop mentally. Do not be too narrow and allow yourself to slip into a mental straightjacket, because things may not be as they seem on the surface. Sagittarians are naturally trusting and open, however during June try to be more cynical: read between the lines and focus on what is NOT said. Think more deeply about things and be careful to follow up on all the angles; especially the grey areas.

Relationshipwise: June will really stretch Sag as you will be required to understand and relate to your partner on a much deeper level. Possibly your partner is undergoing a deep emotional crisis and they need you on board with all your insightful advice. You will have to dig deep as understanding, compassion and a shoulder (to cry on) will be required.

The disruption and often chaos will continue on the home front and I also expect many financial negotiations and discussions over property: which again could pan out unexpectedly and so never assume anything and ask loads of questions.

Etiquette, morality and playing by the rules of whatever game you are in is especially important in June: don’t let overconfidence allow you to bypass the normal channels be it in business, social or other aspects of life. Do not be blas√© and think that you can ‘get away with it’ ‒ Saturn square Jupiter, your ruler always brings one down with a thud. June may be a tough month for students or those involved with exams, my advice is not to ‘spot’ or you will get caught out.

Many Sag will be involved in legal discussions/issues this month ‒ be pragmatic and cautious and do your own investigation, not ignoring the details OR the unseen.


Look out for confrontation or close association with someone who will have a very powerful effect on you. This person may be able to control or influence you in some way and you may find it very hard to resist or maintain independence. In fact you will experience a large build up of resentment and bitterness towards those people/person who you feel is controlling you. It may be a person in authority at work who is exerting great pressure on you or it may be a contractual obligation which has limited your scope. The key is not to fight the situation openly, but to begin now to make plans on how to change things and secure more freedom in the future. Keep your plans secret and play your cards close to your chest.

Capricorn may also experience conflict concerning values and principles: it may be very hard for you to reconcile your views on life or on crucial issues with someone who you are very close to and this may be driving a wedge between you. In a marriage you may clash over the use of money and joint resources. You will not be able to count on others for financial backing in June, so do not plan on being anything else than self sufficient.

Things at work will be rather chaotic and hectic ‒ get your seat belt on and prepare for the G-force because you will be spinning around trying to keep on top of things. Positively a very dynamic and interesting time within you day to day affairs and routine with the distinct possibility of many unexpected journeys ‒ local travel mainly.

Friends and social activities can be a huge benefit right now, so don’t go it alone friends may be instrumental in opening up doors to new opportunities. Friends will be unusually supportive and chances are you may make some valuable networking contacts.


A perfectionist streak will be evident in June particularly in relation to work and career. You will be careful to plan every detail and yet your planning has a great deal of purpose and is contributing to an exciting overall picture in terms of career and life goals.

This will be a great month for communicating ideas and strategy with employees and colleagues. Be careful not to alienate people with harsh criticism. Nervousness and anxiety will lead you to be more aware and proactive in terms of your health this month.

You may feel particularly under the thumb in June and conflicts may flare up because you are not in a very compromising mood. Working with your partner towards mutual goals will require painstaking effort and patience and progress may be slow. Beware of releasing pent up anger stemming from your relationship onto other people or alternately releasing frustration from work onto your partner, because this can happen all too easily.

You will have a great desire for personal freedom and for following your own interests as a free agent in June, that is why relationship commitments will seem more of a burden than a pleasure. Relationships will test you this month and make increasing demands: for those involved in more casual/short terms relationships it will be easy to judge this month what your true feelings are and poor relationships will fall rapidly by the wayside.

In your professional or work related relationships, expectations need to be clearly defined or even re-defined to reflect the changes that are taking place in your career. Once you have decided mutually on the new game plan, you must fulfil your obligations to ensure good progress, as Jupiter in the tenth promises great things in terms of career and life direction.


Pisces just can’t seem to keep their minds on work in June ‒ it will be a constant battle to concentrate on all the boring details demanding your attention. Others may find you quite detached or even insensitive ‒ you will be a poor listener. Pisces are feeling extremely restless and even playful in June so practicality and pragmatism will take a back seat: you will look for any excuse to day dream or procrastinate.

Anything you are not supposed to be thinking of will seem ever so much more exciting than what you are doing and so June will not be a good month for disciplined and structured work. June is far more favourable for creative and imaginative pursuits. Work is a four letter word where Pisces are concerned in June, you will find that you day job is very uninspiring and that most of the work you undertake will not provide you with any immediate or apparent benefit or stimulation, it really will be work for work’s sake. Whatever career you are in you will find that you have to work strictly to someone else’s orders or parameters and this will feel stifling and uncomfortable. Beware of the bossy colleague who interferes with you. Do not expect much credit for what you do and try to work as independently as possible.

With Jupiter in the Ninth House activated in June, your job is certainly not providing the esoteric, philosophical and mental stimulation you are craving: try to get involved in reading about more abstract and profound subjects, this will give you a mental outlet and since Pisces are in such an open frame of mind in June, this is an excellent time to try out consciousness raising techniques. Pisces are really looking to broaden their minds in June. Any activity which stretches you mentally should be pursued.June is an excellent inspirational month for Pisces taking exams or Pisces involved with teaching or publishing.

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