Fantasy encounter  

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11/26/2005 10:25 am

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Fantasy encounter

I quietly enter your room and see you sleeping softly in your bed. I am not sure, but I think I see a hint of a smile on your beautiful face. Making no noise and not letting you wake, I enter under your covers at the foot of your bed. You are sleeping soundly on your back but I notice that your legs are slightly parted and your
breathing is a little deeper than usual as if we have already started making love in your dreams.

Already the heat and aroma of your womanhood is having its effect on me. I feel myself becoming lost to the world. Nothing matters to me but being all of your dreams. I pause and rest my cheek against your thigh just above your knee. I can feel your warm skin and thigh muscle against the side of my face. I gaze up to where your legs meet, but although I cannot see, I know every detail as I have explored and dreamed about you for so long.

I take a deep breath, drawing as much of you into me as I can. I can already taste your sweetness even not having touched my tongue to you yet. I know your taste so well yet I never grow weary of its wonder and its power over me. I will never get enough of you so I must always keep trying. I lean my face forward and extend my tongue so I can taste you as you sleep. You quietly moan as I indulge as much in your taste as I can without waking you.

You taste so sweet and so wet that I know you have been having some very sexy dreams. I cannot get enough of your taste it turns me on so much, but I stop as to not wake you. I raise my head to look up between your breasts to see your sleeping face. There I see the look of pure pleasure and abandon. You are even biting your lower lip. I raise up so I am balanced on my hands and knees as I move up closer to you.

I move up to where my face is even with yours, you are still asleep, no longer biting your lip, but I can hear your breathing steady a little. Your knees rise slighly as if in your dream the same thing is happening. I am so turned on and aroused that I can barely keep from taking you in animal passion and waking you. I position myself above you so I may join with your warmth and wetness. I enter very slowly at first to make
sure I do not wake you.

Once I am inside you, I very slowly and gently ease the rest of my way deep into this wonderous world that is you. Its so smooth, wet, warm and so very sweet. I have to stop, bite my own tongue and hold my breath as to not get lost in the moment and lose all of my control. Finally all of me is now deep inside of you. Although still asleep, you are squeezing, holding me inside yourself to make sure I will never leave.

I feel as if I am plugged into the very source of life itself, the fountain of all that I will ever need or know. I can feel your heartbeat echo all throughout my body, I sense your life-force intermingling with mine and mixing through both of our bodies. Time stops, nothing exists anywhere besides us.

I give you a soft and gentle kiss on your lower lip then turn your head to the side and place my lips to your ear and whisper enough to wake you just a little:

Good morning, my beautiful.

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