Seduction by a much younger man!  

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4/19/2005 3:03 pm

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Seduction by a much younger man!

A few ago's I was totally blindsided by a much younger co-worker.. He 12 years younger than me, and alot of fun. We had been working together for almost a year and spent alot of time away from work going out and having fun. We were without a doubt, very good friends. We had become such good friends because I had a friend who was attracted to him, and I had tried to set them up. They did go out a few times, but she eventually met and married her husband. It was a very fun, up beat place to work, and I was probably one of the oldest ones working in our little group. But I have always had much younger friends and I fit right in with them all. Justin and I had always flirted back and forth, I always thought it was totally innocent. He was a very good looking guy, had no problems meeting women and I never in a million years thought I was someone he would be attracted to. He liked going out to the big night clubs, I preferred the little hole in wall bars where I could do karaoke. However he liked hanging out with me and my best friend and would often go out during the week with us. Very very rarely did I hear from him on a weekend. My best friend is a very tall, long legged, hair down past her butt, blonde and very pretty. While I am cute, I always thought she blew me out of the water where looks were concerned. But she is very painfully shy, and I am very very outgoing. Justin had started going out with us more and more, and I thought it was a bit strange. I brushed it off as he had a thing for my best friend, Tracy. I started hearing from him on the weekends, and he would want to hang out with us at our little dive bar. This went on for a few weeks, all the while our innocent flirting was contining, but didnt seem unusual because I am a major flirt and I am also very sexual and love talking about sex and making sexual induenndo's.

The day started out as any other, it was a Friday, and everyone was in a great mood at work. Justin informed me that him and his cousin would be going out with us that night. And that he would be staying the night at his cousin's apartment and wanted us to hang out after the bars closed. I told him he better not be trying to set me up with his cousin because I had no interest. He assured me wasnt.. I didnt believe him. I was positive this was going to be the night he made his move on Tracy. So we pick him and his cousin up and we hang out. He was still flirting ALOT with me. Tracy by now is interested in Justin, and is trying to flirt with him, but he doesnt return it. I was confused to say the least. Next thing you know it is closing time and we are headed back to the cousin's house.. Justin reminds me that we are supposed to stay and hang out and that he had more beer at the apt. Now I am thinking great, I will be stuck with the cousin while he hooks up with Tracy. She was totally up for hanging out with them. We get there and the cousin immediately goes to bed (thank goodness). Justin gets us a beer and then his cell phone rings.. It is this girl that he was sort of interested in a couple of months prior. He talks to her for bit and then says he will be over in a few. Now I am mad, he begs us to wait while he goes and gets her, that he doesnt want us to leave. I am like, "Justin, why in the world do we need to be here?" I told him we were leaving and he said he would walk us out. We get downstairs and he asks for a hug, that is when he kissed me. And to this day, it was by far one of the very best kisses I have ever had. His lips were very soft, and our tongues easily found each other. I saw stars, we kissed a couple more times and then I pulled away. I looked into his eyes and could see the desire there.. I was completely floored. I got in the truck and we drove off. I am in a state of shock, I ask my friend what the hell was that. She said "he wants you"! I am like no way.. Now I am mad, because how dare he kiss me like that and then send me on my way. Why did you open up this new can of worms. I wanted him so bad, I called him on his cell and said what the fuck??? He kind of chuckled and said you know you want me! I said I know now... I hadnt known before had. I told him that was totally mean to kiss me like that then leave to go get another girl. I hung up on him. We had gone to an after hours club. He kept calling me and calling me, finally I answered and all he said was "please come back," I ask my friend. She is not happy and makes it very clear she is not staying, she will drop me off. I apologize, she tells me not to worry about it.. That it obvious something more is there between us. I get back to the apt. and he has pulled an air matterus out into the living room. Nothing is said, I just walk straight into his arms. It was a night I will never ever forget. He was incrediably attentive, very much into me. I asked him, when had this happened he said awhile ago, but I wasnt catching on. He had deceide earlier that week, that he would make his move. I was dumbfounded. I said I cant believe you are attracted to me.. He told me he had been for along time. The sex was intense and emotional. I stayed the entire weekend. And have never felt so wanted as I did then. We continued to see each other over the years, and are still very good friends. And their is still something very magical between us. However he had a child with another woman and they are together. And for the most part they are happy. But I still hear from him, and he still tells me I am incrediable. I havent been with in 6 months now, but know I will be again someday. It's inevitable.

lickablein05 50F

4/19/2005 6:13 pm

wow. I know what you last boytoy was a year ago and i still miss him. He was great - better than i had had in a long time and like yours, he was very focused on all of me which i loved! Ah, do you think as they get older they get so lazy they can't even focus on who they are having sex with?? : (

innocent19735 44M

4/19/2005 6:14 pm

That often happens with the older woman-younger man ordeal!! The older women never catch on on time! and when ya finnaly do "BOOM" it's like fire baby!!!but they never stay together.. At least I never have. The woman is always trying to throw her friends on him at the start and then when the truth comes out "POW" she doesn't know what to do but she does know to keep riding his face or whatever!!lol

letmeseeanumu 45M
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4/19/2005 8:08 pm

I'll make my comment later, still learning english

gotitup4ux5 70M
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5/14/2005 12:57 am

go for it with justin but keep it under rapps.

rm_allanxwp722 53M
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6/18/2005 9:40 am

So romantic .I just read your blog. You found that connection between Mind Body & Soul with a partner .Congradulations .Im 41, single un-attached ,I've No Ex & I've No Kids, Im an Australian man who is still searching for a connection like that with a single woman. sometimes I wonder what Im not doing right . but I still have Faith in God ,Destiny & Fate . Which gives me hope that one day I will find a connection like that with a woman. So any ladies reading ,Your suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks All **Also its true mature woman are like fine wine ,You just get better with time.

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