Feeling oh so naughty!!!  

SexySquirterGirl 50F
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10/18/2005 9:55 am

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4/28/2006 10:58 pm

Feeling oh so naughty!!!

I havent been able to get on line as much as I messed up my computer somehow, and need to find someone to help me fix it... Which seems to have put my naughty thoughts and desires into overdrive. Saturday I had all kinds of naughty fun, and wish I could do it all over again today, tomorrow, hell all week. I tend to play with a select few guys that I have meet either here or another site. All of them great, all of them I crave... I often fantasize about having them all at the same time... I definately want to have another 3 some (mmf) real soon, as one of the guys I cant get enough of, really wants to see me being fucked by another guy, and once the guy has unloaded, he wants to jump right in... God this turns me... Saturday night I went to one guys house and got a really good pounding and alot of cum... Immediately afterwards I met the other guy in a parking lot and he then did me on the hood of his car... It was sooooooooooo hot, and maybe a little slutty to some people out there, but I like it, and have know these guys for quite awhile and they know what is going on, now if I could just have them all at the same time, oh what a hot, wet, cum filled day or night that would be... Soon, hopefully soon........... Have a good one and I will be back soon... and hopefully with some fun times to talk about.... Mauh, SSG

Fresh2486 30M
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10/19/2005 6:48 am

I need to meet u.I have never seen any body squirt before but i want to make u squirt all over me,i am wanking right now looking at your pictures wishing i could fuck u so hard.Please make my wet dreams true.

X694U2000 51M
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10/19/2005 11:13 pm

You are so HOT. I want to cum all over those Titties!!! I'm in Mesa and ready to go NOW!!! Lets get together.

rm_titsandtires 51M/41F
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10/21/2005 9:54 pm

glad to see you back in blogville. look forward to your posts.


action1615 46M
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10/24/2005 9:26 pm

Can help you with that computer problem.

JetJaguar_XP86 49M
4 posts
10/26/2005 1:39 am

Why are you in Phoenix? Why can't you be in Chandler... Aw Rats! LOL...

Hope you find that one guy that does it all for you...


rm_fun4u576 52M

10/26/2005 2:34 pm

Love to taste those squirts !!!!!!!!!

tomroy 49M
2 posts
10/26/2005 10:56 pm

Hey there...there is nothing like a soaking wet one...my face can't get enough! Thanks for sharing!

smackyman 46M
3845 posts
10/31/2005 5:58 pm

Slutty? No - Hot? Heck yeah! It got a rise out of me...good luck with the MMF...

ChandlerStud3 31M
8 posts
11/5/2005 6:07 am

email me at AdultFriendFinder

happy2surveUslav 39M

11/16/2005 10:32 am

i'd be happy to help you fix your conputer tell me what it is doing that is strange and i will try to help you out

Packed_N_Loaded 30M

11/17/2005 12:33 pm

Wow, I love the way you put all your naughty thoughts and fantasies into detail Makes me want to bang the shit out of you even more.
Too bad you are having all those computer problems, because I'm actually good with computers and could probably fix that for you as well
as for me, I could give you whatever you want, be it a quickie or a marathon(though I tend to be a marathon guy )
and then have u squirt all over me, and then have me spray hot cum all over you...
I live in Chandler though, so it's too bad, I dunno if what I have for you is what you want, since I live in Chandler
Good luck with everthing

rm_SirDarKaiN 32M
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11/22/2005 2:15 am

hey u are very sexxxy. im a 20 yers old boy and y wanna see u webcam my mail is AdultFriendFinder and AdultFriendFinder
pls addme

rm_kmann7 54M

11/30/2005 10:00 am

wow i am in omaha let me know

phoenixsunlvr 60M
78 posts
12/1/2005 7:53 pm

Heya SSG--still here...and have a girl who would be way hot for both of us. Just say the word. Car hood or wherever. LOL...We're up for a MMF, MMFF, MMMFF...the possibilities are endless.

skin4us2share 44M/40F
4 posts
12/6/2005 6:23 pm

The sluttier the better I say...You make me want to leave NY and come help you out with the GB...sounds like you need it bad...keep us posted on your exploits...best of luck....Here's a question, would you let a woman eat the cum out of your pussy....because if i'm ever that way, I know my wife would love to lick yours clean after I dump a load in you...food for thought...LOL

rm_neothing 31M

12/7/2005 2:37 am

you're so hot, i will make a trip to Phoenix to eat your pussy

latinocum69 50M
1 post
12/7/2005 1:10 pm

I've always wanted to fuck a squirter.While your on top facing me.I'd fanatsized doing you anal and you getting your self off. squirting me on my chest neck face etc.

NecksRangyShort 51M
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12/10/2005 9:44 pm

hello there,
send me an email, lets chat:

rm_Devon220 39F
15 posts
12/25/2005 4:47 pm

I am also a squirter and love it when my partner has his or her face down there taking all of it mmmmmmmm is that slutty i hope so because you only live once so enjoy yourslef

rm_truehops 48M

12/30/2005 11:47 pm

Girls I leave all me lady with rubbery nad throbing pussies. u need to contact me or email profile. tis all good don't miss it.

rm_hnkusp 32M

1/22/2006 8:17 pm

Sounds like you had a fun time. Looking forward to giving a few Phoenix ladies an equally satisfying experience soon. Keep us posted with the excellent details. I hope to be writing own "forum" column soon.

rm_jr198510 31M

1/30/2006 3:33 pm

damn u sound fun well if you ever want another fun night u don't have to look far im down for whatever just get back at me and hopefully if your interested you can give me your number or another way i can get a hold of you if you would like.

SexySquirterGirl 50F
102 posts
1/30/2006 11:26 pm

OMG!!! Definately have missed alot!!! Finally got my computer fixed!! Had to wipe the whole thing out and start over, but at least I am on line again!!! Thanks to all of you who replied~made my night!! Kisses, SSG

tony69l 48M
7 posts
2/6/2006 8:00 pm

Hi Sexy!!!

Glad to see you back on line!!!! Love a squirter; especially in my mouth as I LOVE to give oral...mmmmmm Let's connect..love long hard sessions and to pleasure you completly!!!!


Stripper4Sale 39M

4/28/2006 1:32 am

So what about some intangible fun.

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