Be glad you aren't me.  

SexySoldier2284 32M
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5/27/2006 7:28 am
Be glad you aren't me.

I will be moving to a different base here in Iraq soon, which sucks royally. Moving anywhere, fuck that, doing anything in the Army sucks. I joined for the wrong reason, and she left me after I got here. Fuck that bitch, I am over it. I am all about meeting new people and trying new things now, it is all about me for once. I have met a couple a sexy girls on this site, although we have not really gotten to chat yet. We will see how that all works out, but I am not getting tied down by anyone or anything for a long time to come now. Ladies, if you wanna see more pix, chat, or more, I am morganrager on yahoo and this handle on AIM. I am usually on daily unless someone dies and then no one can call anyone, use the internet, etc. Love to hear from you, take care america, I miss you all.

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