A few questions going through my head  

SexySam4OlderMan 32F
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8/1/2006 9:58 am

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10/16/2007 7:45 am

A few questions going through my head

So I have always had a fantasy of being controlled. I have heard that lots of women have a fantasy. (I'm not saying thats one they ever really want to happen literally...) but to be controlled in that way. To have so much trust in 1 person to let them do that with you, to you. Is that possible?

I would love to find that person that I could trust. I don't think I have EVER trusted anybody that much. Actually I have pretty much given up on meeting "Mr. Right". I am strictly sticking to fun relationships. I don't want a full time person in my life. Just somebody that I can go out with when I wanna, and then the next night if I want I can go out with someone else. NO strings attached I guess. But If I could find that person I trust enough to control or dominate me that way, I cant say that I would even want anybody else....need anybody else even.

LOL, don't get me wrong, I am SO not here for anything longterm, relationship wise I mean, I am not the type of girl that falls for a person just because they sleep together, but with that kind of trust would it not have to be a relationship? Not just sex but the real deal?

Has ne1 reading this found the real deal, sexually and mentally? And if you have, is that 1 person enough for you?

XJackinyourBoxX 42M

8/1/2006 10:42 am

I recently met someone that is submissive and likes to be controlled. She's into mild bondage which I never fooled around with until now. We've played around. I got a book on bondage and I've tied her up a few times. Even when she's not tied up, she enjoys me holding her arms down, or behind her back.
I will admit that in my opinion there needs to be some level of intimacy (relationship) to feel comfortable enough with someone to be able to give yourself fully to him/her. The more trust there is between the two of you, the more you can explore everything you've always fantasized about. That's why I was looking for someone to be with more than once. I wanted a Friend with Benefits...
It doesn't have to be "Mr. Right". It just should be someone that makes you feel comfortable and you can trust. I'm sure you'll find that person.
As for her being enough for me. She certainly is now. Neither of us like to think too far ahead in the future. It makes the present more fun.

nastyboy2play2 41M
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8/1/2006 5:12 pm

MrXjack gave good advice hon, i have been a master for awhile now over 10 years, there is a degree of relationship and not only fun and sex games but movies meals out or party, some good relationships do sometimes come from such times, lots of couples met in BDSM clubs or such and fell in love, your question or trust, its a given hon 1 must be able to trust their partner or all things not just in BDSM you meet people in school or work club etc if you trust them you will have a relationship, now in BDSM a higher degree of trust is in efect for both parties thou more so for submissive side, all i can say is meet the person first in messernger/e-mail learn as much as possible of that person, then meet in person always look into there eyes, eyes will tell the truth of a person soul, if eyes are hard or cold leave but be nice laugh chat then go home and dont come back, honesty trustworthy caring and and safety are the top priority in BDSM, a good dominate person will talk of safety and act safety, if they dont talk of it or give safety words stay away, its really up to you my dear of who you wish to trust, remember all people will show you there good face when meeting, always meet in public lots of people, thanks for joining my network and in your friend network down on bottom i have a blog to all friend to read about meeting people, i also have a blog about warning of different type of people, i care about people and wish them well and luck, you will meet someone that you will trust in time, find a patient master to slowly teach you step by step, dont do to much at once the act of bondage should not be any early than 6 session, therefor plenty of time to get to know them while you two spend time out of play like movies party or meals out they are not counted as sessions,

rm_madmax198671 45M
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8/25/2006 6:49 am

hey i've met many women with the same thouhgts and let me tell you it was soooo much fun ripping close off having your way with a sexy girl resisting a little it makes it so intense and a stronger orgasm!

rm_big_tex_9 65M
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11/20/2006 4:06 am

Sexxy, that is how much trust is required for both. To be really fun playmates, both of us have to feel it. To feel the freedom of completely letting go, igniting the passion deep within you, and feeling that passion take you to new heights. Freedom to give control completely. A man who knows how to share that both ways. And a woman who knows how to take control totally, and how to relax as her lover takes her, dominates her, ravishes her. As she gives in completely to his burning desire for her.

That is freedom to experience the intense, burning desire. Like the hot flames of a fire raging deep into the night. And a man who touches deeper and draws the passion from within you. Frank

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