Wildlife... Take Two  

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6/13/2006 9:27 pm

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Wildlife... Take Two

Again, photography by Me.

This is pretty self-explanatory... it's a lizard partaking of his dinner. Or maybe it was a snack. I'm not sure. Cricket a la carte. Hey, to each their own, I guess!!

I never would have noticed this guy here except that as we were exiting the river and making our trek back up the hill to the car, it (and another one) raised itself up off the ground and hauled ass. It paused on the rock (I guess to finish and swallow) and he probably thought I would no longer be able to see him. Well, he was wrong. I don't know what kind of lizard he is, either. I just know they don't look like the lizards I see around my house!

NOTHING was more freaky than the aggressive smaller fish and minnows that called the Pedernales River their home. I finally got out because I was so sick and tired of being fish bait!! Plus, it was giving me the creeps! I guess when the water levels are higher they have more room to swim. There just seemed to be such a large number of them. More than what I'm used to seeing in any one place.

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