What Kind of Lover Are You?  

SexyRycheBabe 44F
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5/14/2006 1:38 pm

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5/17/2006 1:54 pm

What Kind of Lover Are You?

Take a hop and skip over to this post and see what kind of lover you are. [post 342888]

Report back to me. Especially, if you think I might want to sleep with you.

Mine... either "R" or "B" are both very appropriate.

All I can say about "M" is ... think of all of the Michaels and Mikes in the world. Uh-oh. This doesn't bode well for 50% of the male population, now does it?

luvdits 43M
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5/15/2006 12:09 am

Very interesting, Sexy. I checked the letter R & I was reading my description & it was pretty acurate. Personally, I love to eat pussy the same way I would french-kiss your mouth,wet & slow at first & then where as my hands would be holding your face while kissing, I would slowly insert a wet finger in your beautiful ass & gently finger-fuck you from behind while sucking on your clit while eating pussy. I believe in passion even when things get kinky

goboi_go 55M

5/15/2006 6:24 am

Sometimes those things are tricky and are geared to be vague enough to apply to everyone - there's a math one like that too that I figured out after entirely too much time.

I am a D and that is me for sure and so are a few others - but, that stuff is fun.

And all those years they told us to "be like Mike"? - just do it. lol

nightnsa 48M  
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5/15/2006 6:43 am

I am a J....sounds pretty close to me....

SexyRycheBabe 44F
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5/15/2006 10:22 am

luvdits: It was nice of you to back-up everything the "R" blurb says by giving a blow-by-blow description. If it wasn't clear to me before, it certainly is now!

goboi: Of course, they're BS... just like horoscopes and all those other "quizes" that we taken throughout our lifetime. But, they are fun and so why not?! I can't believe you would take the time to read more than just your initial. Poor Mike.

night: I'll have to go back and read "J" then.

SexyRycheBabe 44F
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5/15/2006 10:24 am

night: I'm not so sure about the "mothering your mate" part. I definitely don't want to be mothered by a man!! How is that possible, anyway?!

kerrod 48M

5/15/2006 2:34 pm

I think I would have to know more about the people conducting the studies and the methods they use. I do like what they do have to say, though.


You can be very romantic, attached to the glamour of love. Having a partner is of paramount importance to you. You are free in your _expression of love and are willing to take chances, try new sexual experiences and partners, provided it's all in good taste. Brains turn you on. You must feel that your partner is intellectually stimulating, otherwise you will find it difficult to sustain the well. Only you see her. You require loving, cuddling, wining, and dining to know that you're being appreciated.

nydude1955 61M

5/16/2006 6:41 am

Well, as far as my handle goes N is pretty cool and it fits alright. My real name starts with M and it's not Mike, but it's not true what your listing mentioned. Hope to hear from you You won't be sorry.

SexyRycheBabe 44F
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5/16/2006 11:09 am

nydude: It wasn't supposed to be by screen names but by real names. At least you're not a "Michael/Mike", though. I try to stay away from those these days.

rm_sluggo992 51M
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5/16/2006 6:16 pm

Which bitter psycho "M" hater came up with THIS crap?!?!? (Can ya tell my name begins with an "M" ... ?)

SexyRycheBabe 44F
820 posts
5/16/2006 9:58 pm

sluggo: Thought this would get a rise out of you. All I can say is ... IT WASN'T ME!!!!!!!!!

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