There's a-Buzzin'  

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9/3/2006 10:35 pm

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There's a-Buzzin'

In my brain!! Several glasses of Arbor Mist (?) blended strawberry drinks and I am feeling a little bit loopy.

I'm sitting here watching You've Got Mail. I never get tired of this movie. So sweet. I love it so.

I'm trying really hard not to answer the email I got from Idiot the other day. It was in response to an email I sent regarding my son's insurance information. I get a detailed email back including two different email addresses, 2 phone numbers and invitations to call or write anytime. The kicker was his question (stated in command form) whether or not I had called his father since he's been ill. He (Idiot) is sure his dad would love to hear from my son. He's desperately grasping at straws and I debate what the harm could be by opening up communication with him again. Then, just as quickly, about a thousand things come back to me and I remember why our communication lines have been sealed shut (by me). I'm most pissed that he would somehow make it my obligation, my duty to call his father when he's not worried about his own relationship with his son. How truly stupid is that?!

Now, I'm doing fighting the urge to do the email version of "drunken dialing". Not to have the equivilent of a cyber booty call but to point out the hypocrisy in his words. He wouldn't get it so I won't bother to waste my time. Plus, there's no sense in being a bitch just because I'm right.

I must act like a grown-up because that is just what I always do. Grown-up and dignified. That's me to a T.

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