Psychotic Ass-Munches  

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5/17/2006 1:40 pm

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Psychotic Ass-Munches

Okay... so I do this big blog yesterday about something that happened yesterday and without "updating" it AdultFriendFinder will not approve it because it contains the following hate, weapons, and something else I can't remember. So, I did some creative editing to see if it would be approved this way.

So, I had another experience today that makes me that much more inclined to stop coming here. Except, by doing that, he would win and I absolutely will not let that Psycho get the best of me. If only I could remember his AdultFriendFinder name ... jeesh. As soon as I find it again, I will be posting it here. I can't believe he breaks out the race card and everything! Let me tell you, the following conversation took place within a matter of about 6 or 7 minutes. It took long for his "nice guy" face to come off and be replaced by a weird-ass one. I have to tell you, I was getting red flags from this guy even before we made it to today's conversation because everytime I would sign into my yahoo account, there would be like 10 offline messages from him sent within a matter of minutes. (even if he hadn't turned out to have mental issues, that is still so damn annoying!) Then he had to go and bring my kid into it... which, I gotta tell ya, pisses me off to no end.

Ladies, this is one of those examples of when to pay attention and go with your gut.

Men, this is a great example of how NOT to behave when interacting with a woman on ANY level!

Anyway, here's the breakdown of the convo we had on the Y.

liserio79 : hello

sexyrychebabe : hey

liserio79 : I was hoping you would log on

liserio79: I love that pic..I saw it on AdultFriendFinder

sexyrychebabe: I thought I would get on real quick and check my mail.

(some lines are exchanged about work and what we both do, etc... in this part. I cut it out for the sake of time and length!)

liserio79 : I have waited for you at night all week

sexyrychebabe : No. I don't work other than taking care of my son, I mean. I'm working on becoming a Court Reporter at home

liserio79 : oh cool

sexyrychebabe: I always get on at night. Just later in the evening. Like 10 or later. Actually, usually 11

liserio79 : me too
liserio79 : most of the time

sexyrychebabe : lol

liserio79 : I have been like looking forward to hearing form you

liserio79 : you excite me

sexyrychebabe : how is that?

liserio79 : that first email you sent me
liserio79 : after reading that
liserio79 : WOW

sexyrychebabe: oh. Yeah. I guess I covered most of the basics, huh?

liserio79 : yes
liserio79 : I like it

sexyrychebabe : where do you live? What part of town, I mean.

(we talk about where we both live and hwo that's not very close together.)

liserio79 : I are in converse
liserio79 : I still wanted to chat
liserio79 : get to knwo you

sexyrychebabe : I'm hard to know, you know

liserio79 : I intend to know a lot about you
liserio79 : you want to call me?

sexyrychebabe : you intend to know a lot about me?

liserio79 : yes

sexyrychebabe : it doesn't matter what you intend ... if I don't want you to know me. You won't.

liserio79 : ok
liserio79 : so then what?
liserio79 : how do you intend to do this then?

sexyrychebabe : I don't know but that struck me as being creepy and weird.
sexyrychebabe : define "this"

liserio79 : you and I
liserio79 : no I wasnt trying to be creepy and weird
liserio79 : do you want a lover?
liserio79 : I am seeking a lover
liserio79 : plain and simple
liserio79 : or are you just playing games?

sexyrychebabe : I want more than a lover. And there's nothing plain or simple about any of this. I don't even know anything about you and therefore will not say "yes, you will be my lover" or "no, you won't." It has not a damn thing to do with "playing games". Its about being smart and discriminating.

liserio79 : well, I am trying to get to know you and you are telling me I will know nothing about you what is that?

liserio79 : and i am not asking you to say YES be my lover right now

liserio79 : look I dont have the patience for this runaround talk...I have been through a lot of crap from many women off of here...I havent been with a woman in three months and yes I am very lonely and sexually frustrated..

sexyrychebabe : No, but you're getting awfully pushy about it and throwing out the most used AdultFriendFinder phrase out there ( r u just playing games?)

liserio79 : are just playing games...I bet its because I am Hispanic and I bet you dont talk to Hispanics or give them a chance

sexyrychebabe : You know what? You're not going to hold me accountable for all of the other BS you've had to put up with from women in your life/on this site, etc...
sexyrychebabe : Good luck on your search.
sexyrychebabe : don't contact me again

liserio79 : oh shut up fucken w. (stands for color) bitch
liserio79 : fat ass
liserio79: white ____ (animal that goes moo)
liserio79: you need a good b--ting (rhymes with meat)
liserio79 : you and your fucken kid can go to H---.
liserio79 : slut of a mom

Ok... so I gotta tell you that I do have a very graphic email that I sent out as my initial email to people. It simply a list of things I'm looking for, what I like and don't like sexually speaking. I send it to anyone I might have an interest in things going farther with. That's it.

But, how ignorant are you if you can't even spell "fucking"? I just want to know!!!!!!!!

And, btw, its not in any way insulting to me for me to be called "WHITE"(???!) or a "slut" or a "cow" or a "fat ass" after you've gone off the deep end!!!

My ass might be fat but my ass is one ass that that Sorry Excuse of a "Man" won't ever be having'!! So, who's fucked now?!

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