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12/15/2005 11:36 am

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Post Interview Review

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Hi everyone:
When last I blogged about this interview I had, I made it pretty clear that I was highly suspect of the whole situation.

I go anyway.

I get there at 10:50AM ... no, that's not true. I actually got there at 10:30AM but killed 20 minutes cruising around because I was so early. I do inside and there are about 7 other ladies (in various stages of dress) sitting in the lobby and the door where I'm supposed to go is closed. Hell, I knock anyway. There were no directions telling me what to do and I didn't want to be sitting out in the lobby when maybe I was supposed to be inside the meeting room. You know how you are before an interview ... kinda weird and nervous. Anywya, a girl answers, apologizes and says that they're running late. OK. Cool. So, I do sit in the lobby. And wait. And wait. And wait. And wait. And wait. SERIOUSLY!!!!!!!!!!! I waited for AN HOUR!!!! It was all a bunch of BS. I was so pissed after waiting all of that time that I didn't even want a job with these inconsiderate asses. My time is valuable, too, you know? I just thought it was highly rude and totally unprofessional. If they knew they were running late, they shouldn't have scheduled so many of us or they should have called to inform us of the delay.

So... here's what I'm thinking:

This is God's way of telling me YET AGAIN that a job as a secretary or administrative assistant IS NOT what I'm supposed to be doing. I am supposed to finish up my Court Reporting education so that I can be the one to hire people to be my assistant. (Actually, I will need a scopist, not an assistant but the point is still the same.) Not the other way around. I am going to go get myself a "shit" job at HEB or something (something close) that I can work in the evenings and on the weekends so that I can spend my days practicing on my steno machine. (Plus, if I work in the evenings rather than mornings, I won't have to pay for daycare!)

Thanks for all of the potential employment well-wishes from everyone.

I got it!!!!!! Well, not the job, obviously, but I get the BIG picture now. That's even better.

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