My bitch for the day...  

SexyRycheBabe 45F
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9/20/2005 2:53 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

My bitch for the day...

I absolutely hate, hate, HATE getting messages from overly eager MEN who include the following phrases in one form or another in their messages:

if you're for real
if you're serious

Here's the honest truth of the matter: If I haven't responded to your email/wink/profile, I have done that because for whatever reason, I have no desire to meet you. That's it. It's not because I'm scared or I'm all talk or I'm frontin' you, it just means that I'm not interested. And if you include anything remotely like that in your initial email contact w/me... rest assured that you won't get a response at all.

<stepping off of my soap box>
thank you for listening.....

rm_Ada247 37M/48F
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9/22/2005 3:30 am


noirfemme 44F

11/21/2005 12:49 pm

Girl, I hear ya! The other thing I find particularly troubling is the people that want to argue you with you about your tastes. For example, if you say you are looking for people over 30 and they insist on emailing you when they are only 22. And of course they include a one-liner about why they are the exception or your preference is faulty.

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