Lorelei and Judd Sex Scene -- Take One  

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Lorelei and Judd Sex Scene -- Take One

Lorelei lay basking in the brilliant sunlight that bathed the length of her backyard. She lounged facing the ocean and enjoyed the sensation of the hot sun penetrating her bare skin. These were the summer days she lived for, one of the reasons why she had chosen to live on the beach.

Wearing only a tiny bikini bottom and nothing else, she shifted slightly on her padded lounge chair and reached for the bottle of sunscreen she’d left in an ice bucket on the nearby table. The opportunity to sunbath nearly nude wasn’t a gift she received everyday. The low-riding picket fence that skirted her property made it impossible in the busy summer months. Now that the season was coming to a close and all of the vacationing families had returned to their homes, it left the beach blessedly deserted and Lorelei took full advantage of it.

With slow methodical strokes Lorelei began applying the white, tropical-scented lotion, thoroughly enjoying the shock of coolness the lotion provided her hot skin. Her nipples tightened in response to the cool sensation and only added to Lorelei’s feeling of brazenness.

Lost in thought, she stared at the sea and thought about the time she had spent last night with Judd. She’d known helping him settle into the beach cottage across the street would be interesting but even she hadn’t anticipated the flare of passion that sparked the air between them last night. They had gone from an innocent, playful moment to one filled with palpable sexual energy. She still remembered the searing of her skin as his lips had touched her cheek and lingered there. He’d seemed just as surprised by the sudden eruption of desire as she’d been. It was unexpected but not unwelcome, either.

Lorelei thought about the feel of his lips against her skin and felt her blood boil in a way that nothing to do with her naked skin, the hot sun, or her cool lotion. It was a feeling she was experiencing in relation to Judd Slater more and more frequently in the last several weeks. He was becoming the number one, starring attraction in her erotic fantasies as of late. She was pleased to know the desire was mutual and not just one-sided on her part. Lorelei wasn’t sure what she was going to do about it but knew that their platonic relationship was going to change soon.

As she began to work the lotion on her right arm, a flash in the corner of her eye caught her attention. She turned in surprise to see the very man she had been thinking about staring at her intently. Even from several feet away she could feel the intensity of his stare. His sunglasses masked the desire she knew would be evident in his jewel-toned eyes. His bare chest glistening in the sunlight only made her more acutely aware of her state of undress.

Feeling a little foolish having been caught sunbathing topless, Lorelei wondered for a split second if she should make an attempt at covering up with the towel that lay nearby. Deciding against it, she leaned against the back of her chair, hoping to strike a nonchalant pose. “Hey neighbor. Fancy meeting you here.” She punctuated her statement with a smile that she hoped was convincing.

Judd stood mute at the sight of her scantily clad lean frame. He returned an equally casual smile and headed toward the small door that led into her yard. Pausing beside her, he reached for the lotion and squirted some into his large hands.

She wasn’t sure what his intentions were with the lotioned hands. Rather than stay quiet she asked nervously, “What brings you by?”

By way of answering, Judd moved to the end of her lounger and began rubbing the lotion on her ankles, calves, and knees. He stopped the seduction of her body only long enough to pick up the bottle of sunscreen and pour more into his hands.

Lorelei stared, amazed, as he continued to her thighs, her hips and then her stomach. He was slow and methodical, taking his time so that he didn’t miss a spot. Her stomach jerked in reaction to the long fingers stroking it. “What…what are you doing? Are you sure you want to be doing this? I mean…it feels…amazing.” She sighed.

To answer her, Judd simply poured more lotion in his hands and applied it to her rib cage and then her shoulders. Instead of speaking to her, he eased her up into a sitting position so that he could apply the remaining lotion on her back. Sitting up, they were face-to-face, mouths only inches away from each other and Lorelei decided it didn’t matter where he was taking her. Only that she would go willingly. Happily.

Raising his sunglasses, she stared into his eyes and found them blazing with barely-contained sexual heat. The confirmation of desire was all she needed to give herself completely to him. She lowered them back into place and leaned tentatively in, brushing her hardened nipples against the smoothness of his chest and licked his lips. With eyes open so she could watch his expression, she lightly bit into his bottom lip causing him to take a sharp breath inward.

He pushed her back down into a lying position and slipped to his knees beside her. He took one firm nipple in his mouth and lightly bit into it causing the same reaction in her that she had elicited from him. Smiling at her in satisfaction, he pooled more of her lotion in the hollow of her belly. Reaching down, he removed her barely-there bikini bottom and threw it over his shoulder. He proceeded to rub the rest of the lotion across her aching breasts and pubic mound. He paid particularly close attention to these areas of her body causing the heat inside her to match that of the burning sun. When he felt that he’d done an adequate job of protecting her bare flesh from the burning sun, he sat back down beside her on the chair and leaned over her.

She arched her back, begging him to touch her and give her more. Minutes passed before he claimed her mouth and drowned out her words. Lorelei could only moan her desire as she hungrily encircled his chest with her arms. There would be time later, afterward, for her to study the art permanently etched into his skin. She eagerly welcomed the intrusion of his tongue into her mouth, hungrily returned the swirling and tasting. Her body pulsed in areas that had been without a man’s touch for too long and against her own will, her legs opened in silent invitation. Her body begged to be stroked, teased and tamed.

Tearing his mouth from hers, he looked into her eyes and said, “You taste so good. Let me taste all of you. I want to take everything you have to give.”

Lorelei could only grip the padding above her head as his head settled onto her heated core. She welcomed him, stretched her legs farther apart and cried out as he used his hands to further open her. The feeling of being so completely exposed, not only because she lay naked beneath Judd, but because they were in her backyard for anybody to see, sent her over the edge.

In no time at all, she reached her first climax and could only grip his head as he continued his onslaught of her body. Her body writhed in pleasure and her cries of desire were only barely muffled by the sound of the ocean waves crashing into the shore. In her pleasure-filled mind, she could easily equate Judd to the relentless, dark ocean pounding into her, the equally defenseless, shoreline.

Judd’s perusal of her body went on for minutes, maybe hours. Lorelei lost time as she gave up trying to count the many times and intensities in which she came. She could only buck and writhe underneath him while he struggled to hold her slippery hips in place with his hands.

Keeping his fingers inside her, he stretched upward the length of her body and took one pert nipple in his mouth. He used his tongue to roll the tight bud around in his mouth. He feasted on Lorelei until she begged for mercy and tugged impatiently at his swim trunks. “Please, Judd,” she cried loudly, “I want all of you. I need all of you.”

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