Doom & Gloom No More! At Least.... Until Next Time  

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1/5/2006 8:23 am

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Doom & Gloom No More! At Least.... Until Next Time

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Okay. So today finds me feeling better. More happy. More motivated. More willing. Maybe I just needed to get the oppression off of my chest and now that it's out there in The Void instead of in My Head, I'm feeling better. I'm sure everyone is thinking I'm some troubled, disturbed chick now and that's okay. The truth is, we all have moments like that. We just don't share them as easily as I can and do. I always know that once I face it, speak it, acknowledge it, it gets better and I'm over it.

The problem is the beginning of a New Year. Taking stock of what you've done the past year and wanting and realizing the need to make changes. I get a double dose because the New Year begins a few days after my birthday. So, I can sit and think NOT ONLY what did you do this past year? BUT ALSO what did you accomplish this ___insert birth year___ of your life? Because I'm the type of person who notices big things and glosses over the little details, I usually feel that the answer to either one or both of those questions is nothing. Nothing major. Nothing life-changing. Nothing even noteworthy.

Maybe that's a New Year's resolution coming on:

1. Notice and appreciate the little things. For instance, it doesn't matter that I drive a 1995 Cutlass Ciera, it should simply matter that it starts EVERY time I need it to.

Somehow, I can already tell, that it won't be good enough for me. But I can try.

Somebody said in response to my posts from yesterday that I shouldn't look back. And I'm not. It's not like I'm sitting here in San Antonio, wishing I was back in League City. I don't want to be here and I don't want to be there either. I want to be somewhere different.

Seattle. Pacific NE.

I have a date tonight. It should be fun.

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