A Good Question to Ask  

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12/16/2005 9:25 am

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A Good Question to Ask

A very smart man (luv2lick242) inquired about a really good subject today. Here's his blog:
Don't Understand
Can a lady explain something to me please.

What is it with ladies who post actual sexual in the act photos, or at least nude or topless photos who then say they don't want dick photos from the men!

They usually say things like, want to see your head on your shoulders, not the head below the waist, yet they give you their own photos and they are very explicit.

Someone got an answer to this?

I responded with the following posts. Yes, you read that right. Posts. As in plural.

Yes. It's simple. Sex sells. Women use a "sex" pic to get attention. We want to see your top-of-the-body head pic so that we know you have a brain. LOL And we make you prove that by sending us emails that say more than, "lets hook up" or "call me" or "I think we could get along."

One more thing... I think it's perfectly acceptable to use any other body part than your face for your profile pic but you should have face pics available for 1-on-1 communications.

And one last thing:


It doesn't matter if you're fat, bald, scarred, tattooed, look like hell, etc... USE THE MOST RECENT PHOTO YOU GOT. If you haven't had one taken in TEN years (and you don't have a camera...whatever!!!) then go buy a throw-away camera and have your pics put onto a disc by any of the operating photo labs. It's not hard. It's not that expensive. If you can pay money to do this site, you can afford a throw-away camera.

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