Midwest Meet...  

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6/26/2006 5:19 pm

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Midwest Meet...

The sun was setting in the western Iowa sky when I decided to pull off the interstate. The sun had been beating in my face all day, as I'd been driving across state. I was sweaty, and dirty. All I could think about was a hot shower. The motel I pulled into boasted free HBO, pool, hot-tub and a bar. "Great," I thought, "I could use a drink too."
After I'd checked in, and showered off the stench of chain smoked marlboro's, I decided to go down to the bar for a sandwich and a beer. I threw on my jeans, and a tank top, but I didn't bother with make-up, and didn't figure I needed to do anything with my long sun-streaked blonde hair. It was still drying, and looked ok.
As I sat at the bar with my coors light, waiting for my food, I rubbed my blue eyes. Shaking off the last of my road weary. I smoked the first cigarette out of my new pack, and noticed a dark haired bombshell looking my way. He had intense dark brown eyes, and just a hint of afternoon scruff on his face. He was tanned all over, and even with his shirt on, you could tell that he was built. I was afraid that my mouth was hanging open, so to cover myself I took another swig of beer. He was only one seat away. How had I not noticed him when I'd sat down? I finished the beer and sat it down. Concentrating then on my cigarette so I wouldn't keep sneaking looks at him.
"Can I buy you another one?" He asked. His voice was deep, a little husky and oh so sexy. I was already in lust with the man.
"uh, sure," I said.
He ordered two beers and then turned back to me. "My name's Tad," he said. I thanked him and gave him my name.
We just started talking, then. Words seemed to flow like water between us, and soon my dinner had come and been eaten and I was drunk. "What are you doing here, Tad?" I asked.
"just a place I like to hang after work. You know, watch the people from different places come in."
"Do you get them all drunk, all talk with them all night?"
He smiled. "No, just you."
Before I knew it we'd made our way to my room, and we were stripping each other rapidly. Neither one of us were wearing underwear, and when my jeans were down to my ankles, I felt him slip a finger into me. His mouth was over my right breast before I had even registered the finger and we fell into a heap on the bed. I moaned out loud as I tightened around his finger and he pulled it in and out of me. His tongue swirled down my breast and down my body until it was busily dancing across my clit. It felt so good, I was bucking my hairs and grabbing his hair in both hands. I was so wet, I could feel my cum dripping down my legs. I put my hand around his hard cock and groaned. It was so big, hard and throbbing, I could barely wait. He slid his lean body up mine and his tongue was probing my lips. I loved the taste of my sex on his lips and sucked on them. As our tongues lapped at each other, I slid him into me. Even as wet as I was, he was so big it took a minute for him to wiggle into me all the way. I sighed, and raised my hips up to meet him. Waves of pleasure spread through me as he rode me, I was screaming as he moaned my name into my year. I felt my orgasm building and I panted, "I'm cumming."
He growled deep in his throat and nuzzle my neck as he pounded his cock into me even harder. I arched my back as my orgasm tore into me, and I cried out as I spiraled up and out of my body. He cried out as my orgasm triggered his. We fell against each other, both out of breath, breathing heavy, sweat covered bodies clinging to each other.
I spent one more night in that Iowa town, and I think maybe I fell a little bit in love with Tad on that trip.
I stop through there every time I travel now, and I haven't seen him again, but every time I stay in a motel I think of him, and hope that someday we can meet up again.

funfunfun1966 50M
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6/26/2006 6:48 pm

that was so awesome. I wish i was tad. you are sexy woman.

newone884 51M

6/27/2006 3:28 pm

Awesome story, I got hard reading it. I look forward to reading more in the future. Thanks sexy!

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