Another day at the office  

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8/4/2005 3:15 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Another day at the office

I am working. It's been a hard day. I sit at my desk, trying to wrap up a few reports regarding my patients. The door to my office is open. I take a moment at my desk to relax. I lean back in my leather chair and close my eyes. My hands rub my face, and I sit for a moment. I notice the sweet scent of perfume, not my own, and I pop an eye open. I immediately sit up in my chair, fully awake upon the image of a woman in my doorway. She stands there in her tiny top and pants, all 5'2" of her. Tiny waist, and just a gorgeous bod. Her eyes sparkle, her hair flowing down. I look at her quizzically, trying to wrap my mind around this specimen before me. "I have a question, Doc," she says, her voice soft and low. "What effect does this have on you?" She takes a step forward, and, without closing the door behind her, pulls off her shirt, exposing her beautiful, small breasts. Without a word, I pull her to me, arm around her waist, and kiss her breasts, nipples hard between my lips, and she giggles between moans. She takes my face in her hands, and kisses me. I accept her, greedily, my breathing hard, matching hers. She tears at my scrubs, yanking off my top, and she straddles me, breasts on breasts, mouths sucking, licking, hungry for more of each other. I unbutton her pants, and she sticks my hand inside, where she's soaked through her panties. I moan, knowing my pussy is just as wet, and she shivers as my fingers graze her buttons. I lower my mouth to her breast as I frig her, and she's riding me now. She stops suddenly and stands up. Her pants fall in a heap around her ankles, and her cotton panties, visibly soaked and disheveled, are mine to remove. I yank them down, and lick my way back up, starting with her knees, working my way inside her thighs, her hips, her stomach, her breasts again, her hands on mine, and I work down, down, to her groomed snatch. I flick my tongue between her lips, and she is groaning loudly. She turns me around, and I lift her onto my desk. She lays back, and I resume. My tongue traces the concave creases in her natural womanhood, and my finger follows, working its way into her vagina. I am making a small in and out motion, with my fingertip rubbing her Gspot, my tongue lashing her. She is writhing in ecstasy now, her breaths quick, her moans getting high, and she quivers, shaking uncontrollably, convulsing around my fingers and mouth. I smile as I continue. She comes down from her orgasm, and says with a sly smile, "Your turn!" I sit in my chair, scrub pants and panties off now, as she kisses my inner thighs. I'm so hot from getting her off, I know it won't be long before I am over the edge. My pussy twitches anxiously, begging for her tongue. Finally, she slips her tongue where she knows I want it, fingers not far behind. She inserts one index finger, then the other. The first she slips into my ass, gently working it in and out. As predicted, it doesn't take me long, and I am all over the place, so much so that I slip out of my chair. I am on the floor now, still coming, her mouth and fingers still fucking me. As I come down from my orgasm, she smiles up at me, and gives me a sweet kiss. I kick my door closed, and we lay there awhile, kissing, nibbling, licking. "Oh," she says, "you can call me Bella."

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8/7/2005 10:39 am

I would love to join the two of you and tongue fuck both asses. YUMMMMMMMMMMMMyyyyyyyy

FootLoverRI 51M
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8/7/2005 10:41 am

would love to tongue fuck both of you sometime.

kissmegurls 52F

8/24/2005 1:53 pm

Now tell me why a man would write comments to your beautiful fantasy?
Anytime you want to replace your fantasy girl with me just let me know, that story was very sensual.


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