A first!  

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8/8/2005 5:25 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

A first!

I have to share something that happened to me. I told one of my gf's and it took ten minutes before i could get her to stop laughing.
I'd been speaking to a guy for a little while and it was going fantastic, he's gorgeous, great sense of humour and I love the sound of his voice. I don't know about anyone else but it took me at least 30 emails of cock shots, incompatible guys and people who clearly didn't understand my profile to find this guy.

"Can we say pleased?!"

Finally, someone who so far I think i'm sexualy compatible with, and if it goes nowhere all signs are pointing to it being a memorable experience.

Why didn't i see it?!

I threw caution to the wind and we decided to meet. We went somewhere local, had a bite, the conversation just flowed. This guy was definitely not just a fuck (Thank you, thank you)

The speed with which it moved from there was unreal. One moment we were going to his place and then his flamate was home and we were going to this hotel he knew about.

By now i'm horny as hell and the bulge in his pants is looking good enough to eat and more. We get inside the lift and he's backed me up against the glass and is kissing me before the doors have closed. His tongue is teasing my mouth and i can feel all of him pushed against me. I shivered as his hands fell to my waist and i thought about what they would be doing to me soon.

We practically ran to the room, when the lift stopped.

We're inside and suddenly everything has slowed down and he's undressing me. I'm trying to undo the buttons on his shirt and he's already got my top off and my bra wasn't so far behind. I'm tryig to concentrate but his mouth is at my breast and he's licking and biting my nipples and i'm lost. My hand finds its way to the back of his neck and my head's thrown back. It feels so good and i don't want him to stop. He's moving back and forth and my pussy is aching to feel that mouth on it.

He moves away and i'm broken from my daze, it's my turn and his shirt is dismissed in a heart beat. His jeans headed in the same direction and then we're both naked and he's lowering me onto the bed. He pulls me on top and I'm making my way down, his hands palming my breasts as he slides his cock between them.


I wasted no time in wrapping my tongue around it, his eyes are closed and he's lifting his hips to push his cock deeper into my mouth. I'm moving up and down and gently biting with my teeth. One hand stroking where my mouth has let off and the other softly massaging his balls.

I can taste him on my tongue an i suck that little bit harder.

He pulls me off him and flips me onto his back.

He spreads my legs and when his hand touches my pussy i can't help but moan. He's rubbing my clit and it feels so good. As he slides a finger in i arch up of the bed and stare at him. My eyes have gone misty and he is hitting all the right spots. My gaze drifts to his lap and he's stroking himself only... did his cock look like that before? He seems to be lacking strength!

Following my gaze we swap positions again and he orders me to suck his cock.

Now I don't know about you but i don't take orders too well, it's not a control thing. I like being dominated just as much as the next girl, it just didn't work for me when he said it.


He's stroking my nipples and maybe i can forgive him for the order. My mouth goes back to his cock and within minutes he's hard again.

Now guys i did biology just like everyone else but for some reason this guy can't keep his dick hard.

First i start to think it's me and maybe he doesn't really find me all that attractive but the look on his face is priceless and he looks gutted. We're lying side by side on the bed and i hear myself ask...
"So what seems to be the problem?"

Flustered he starts to give me his theory and i'm pinching the inside of my arm because any moment now the laughter i've been holding back is about to break free.
When he tells me this has never happened to him before i hold a pilow over my head and let it out.

I know male pride and that was suc a bitchy thing to do but the situation was suddenly so hilarious. I stop and tell him that i'm not laughing at him but the whole absuard situation. He gets up to take a shower and as the door closes and i hear running water i bet he could hear my uncontrollable giggles.

I'm dressed by the time he comes out and after using the bathroom we get up to go. I smile and try not to catch his eye or i really will hurt his feelings. I go and wait by his car and he tells me the hotel receptionist laughed at him as he checked out.

Keeping a straight face i smiled and got in the car. He dropped me at the tube and promised he'd take me out to make it up to me.

And that was that!

If i could put that experience into any other words...

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8/8/2005 10:30 pm

Well, been there, done that, got the "T" shirt. It has happend with some of the hottest women I've ever met too. I don't think it's impotence, I do fine with some women, but not with others. I think it's about opportunity. There have been times tht I wanted to fuck a woman just because I could, no real attraction other than maybe she's super-model hot. That's why I've said for a long time, "arousal starts between the ears."

Maybe he just wasn't into you and didn't want to say so.

matthew19722 44M

8/9/2005 7:06 am

qulaity, was it an expensive hotel !

getyourmedicine 41M
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8/9/2005 9:04 am

Fantastic Story. It got me aroused I must say, not sure why. An absolute nightmare for the guy in question though. It aint happened to me yet, and hopefully it never will !!

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