A night of Passion  

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A night of Passion

I went to a local restaurant for my dinner, I didn't feel like sitting home alone again another evening. I sat down and ordered and saw a man walk in, and he looked very familiar, so all through dinner I kept looking at this man wondering where I have seen him before. Every time I glanced I would catch him looking away from me also. When my dinner was finished I ordered a coffee, and then I noticed the man I had been staring at all through dinner was walking towards my table. I knew exactly who he was once he reached the table and he said hello, and asked me if he could join me for coffee. We sat there talking for hours, I told him what I have been doing, and he did the same. We had know each other for years but at the time we were both married. He was now divorced and was telling me about that and I also shared my story of divorce life. The restaurant was closing but neither of us were ready to go home. So I invited him to my place to continue our conversation. I was very excited that he agreed to joining me. I had a big crush on this man when we were younger and both married. He was the kind of man that was so caring and fun to be around. When we arrived at my place I made coffee and we both started to talk and, I couldn't hold it in anymore, I had to be honest and tell him that I use to have the biggest crush on him years ago. To my surprise he said he knew and felt the same way as I did, he said that's why he came over to the table to begin with. He began to tell me after his divorced he had moved away and that he was just here visiting his family, and kids. As the night went on and the more we talked the more of the way I use to feel about him kept going through my mind. But there was no way I would have made a move on him, I was secretly hoping he would. I was sitting there talking to this man that I found to be so attractive, I could feel my panties getting very moist. I had know from what he said to me, we could not have an ongoing relationship. But at that time I didn't care, I was having one of those nights that I just wanted what I could have. As I am thinking all of this he leans towards me, and tells me how glad he is he ran into me. Our faces just inch's apart now, we stare at each other for a minute, no words or anything. I wanted this man so much at that moment. He moved closer to me and his lips finally touched mine with the most amazing passionate kiss. Once our lips touched they didn't seem to want to break. I finally broke the hold, stood up and took him by his hand, and walked into my bedroom. We sat down and immediately started kissing again, this time even more passionate and with more energy then before. He starts to unbutton my shirt and broke open the bra I was wearing. He starts to suck my nipple with his mouth, and his hand he plays and rolls the other nipple with. By this time my panties were soaked, and my pussy was throbbing. I removed his shirt, and slowly started to kiss his neck up to his ears. He was getting so very excited by my touch. My nails started working down the front of his chest, making their way to his pants button. I opened his pants to feel his rock hard cock begging for my attention. I then got on my hands and knees beside the bed where he was sitting and removed his pants. My mouth wanting so badly to taste him. I took my mouth and began to lick his cock making sure to also lick around his balls. Working my mouth from the tip of his cock down and then back up again. I then opened my mouth and began to take the head of his cock inside my mouth. When his entire knob was inside my mouth, I closed my mouth tight and began to slide my mouth down his entire shaft, taking every inch he had deep inside. I could feel his cock begin to slide down my throat, as his balls gently touched my face the further I went down on him. Over and over I worked his cock. As my lips would come back to the tip of his cock, I would suck the knob so hard as if I was trying to drink him through a straw. He stops me, and stands up, and tells me to get on the bed. He begins to removed my pants and my panties. He then places his hands on my thighs and begins to spread my legs wide. He starts kissing down my thighs working his mouth towards my wet dripping pussy. He takes his tongue and licks me slowly licking all my juices. As his tongue works my clit, I feel my legs begin to shake slightly. I start to grind my pussy into his face, and he then licks me faster, licking my clit and sucking on it. I begin to scream in passion that I was cumming. I was squirming to get away as I came, but he held me, and finished licking. He then came up to my face, and I began to lick his lips, tasting myself on him. We then kissed, and I could taste myself all over his tongue. As we are kissing he slowly takes his cock and slides it inside of me. He is still so very hard, and his cock fills up my tight pussy like a well fit glove. He slowly slides in and out of me as he looks into my eyes. He tells me how good I feel, and he has been waiting along time to do this. He begins to make love to me faster and faster. His cock is hard and throbbing. I then begin to turn over, and he pulls his cock out of me. I take his cock inside my mouth again to lick the juices from it, and then get on my hands and knees on my bed. He climbs behind me. Places his hands on my ass, holding me in just the right spot. He then slides his cock to my pussy and begins to slide deep inside of me again. I arch my ass high so I can feel every inch of him. I begin moving my ass back and forth riding his hard long cock. Faster and faster he pumps his cock inside of me. I begin to cum once again, and can feel my juices explode all over his cock. I feel my own cum start running down my thighs. He start to fuck me faster and faster, and how tense his body is I can tell he is about to explode. He pulls his cock out of my pussy and begin to shoot his hot thick load on my ass. After he cleans me off and cleans himself off, he lays down in the bed beside me. We share a kiss and then he holds me close as he drifts off to sleep for a couple of hours. He gets up and leaves in the morning, and tells me he wants to see me again before he goes home. Of course I agree, and we set up a date. It's been almost a year since I have seen this man, but we do still keep in touch. That night was one of the most amazing evenings I have ever spent..............Lori

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If your willing i would love to try to recreate your enjoyment for you if you wanted. You seem very sexually desirable and I love to give oral and enjoy a female orgasm in my mouth. i have no inhibitions and aim to please

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