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11/3/2005 2:39 pm

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Poetry Written By Me

TITLE: For All The Things (Hard Times In Relationships)

For all the things
That hide in me
For all the pain
I've been through

For all the time
I think of you
For all the tears
That I've cried
For all the things
We've been through

For all my love
That giving you
For all the time
I wish our love last
Forever and ever
Until the end of life
For all the love I'm giving you
For all the things I've been feeling
When I think of you.

TITILE: My Last Wish (My Birthmom In Heaven)

I Wish I wish
Upon a star
With all my heart
I have

To have you by my side
To hold you inside
And to love you for life

If you grant me this special wish of mine
I'll be the happiest girl alive
And I promise you with all my heart
This will be the last wish
I'll ever ask
Aslong as I live.

TITLE: First Cut Is The Deepest (First Broken Heart)

I'm not suppose to love you
I'm not suppose to wish
To have you near
I'm not suppose to wonder
If you even care

Everytime I spent with you
It was all the precious time
I can spear
And yet I treasure
In my heart
Atlease that's all I got
Since the day
You broke my heart

I know you've move on
I know you got someone new
But really
Is she just as good
As the relationship
Of me and you

I don't regret
Dating you
I don't regret
All the things
We've been through
But most of all
I don't regret
On keep loving you

All the pain I've been through
Because of you
It made me realize
Who I truly am
I'm stronger than before
And it hurts even more

I trust you
With my heart
I trust you
With my soul
What do I get for a return
A broken heart
And a lost soul

Only if I knew
That you would hurt me
As much as you do
I wouldn't have
Gone out with you
In the first place

It's too late
To turn back
It's too late
To show you
What we had
Because you got someone new
And I can't
Do anything
To open your eyes
And see
We were ment to be

I've love you
With all my heart
And yet I still love you.

Efilnikufecin69 47M

11/4/2005 4:21 am

Beautiful! Welcome to Blogland!

SexyAzn6188 29F

11/5/2005 5:15 pm

Thank you. Do you like poems? I love writing poems/songs, I believe you write your best pieces when you're sad because it shows all the emotions you feel when you write whatever you're writing. All my poems/songs are dedicated to someone in my life.

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