A few things you fine folks my wish to remember...  

SexyArmand69 45M
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6/26/2005 1:34 pm

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A few things you fine folks my wish to remember...

Granted I feel that the bulk of my readers use their brains for more than automated body functions such as breathing, etc. I felt the need to "speak on this" as it were for that other portion of AdultFriendFinder members.
First and foremost one has to remember people on AdultFriendFinder may all not be looking for the same things and to assume that just because someone has a profile on a "sex" site means they wish to or will "bang" every person they meet is just plain stupid.
Secondly politeness at meet & greets is a must. Guys if you act like a d*ck sober then you may as well give up any chance of getting any. Where as a lady may well like d*ck but if you act like one they don't want any of your d*ck.
Lastly and this one touches back on the first point just because a lady or a guy for that matter has nude pictures on this site doesn't mean they will "bone" you.

Éagann an ní a dhéanaimid dúinn féin - Maireann an ní a dhéanaimid do chách go síoraí ('What we do for ourselves dies with us - what we do for others is immortal' )


mnfun952 102M

6/26/2005 3:01 pm

well said.

rm_bella_ 47F
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6/26/2005 3:13 pm

Thank you for this post...you are so right.

KC692 52F
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6/26/2005 4:38 pm

APPLAUDS LOUDLY!!!! Thank you babes for that sentiment, and maybe (just maybe) somebody that has been at a meet and greet will have some of those sentiments hit home (if they read your blog, smiles) Thankfully, most realize your statement as the truth, it is very few that act in the manner you described (thank goodness, I want to keep going to them, lol)

abc987655 51F

6/26/2005 10:44 pm

Couldn't have said it any better.

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