To fuck or not to fuck, that is the question  

SexxyRealtor27 38F
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8/6/2005 4:21 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

To fuck or not to fuck, that is the question

I am not use having several sexual partners at once. I know a lot of guys will date 4 girls at once and fuck them in rotation but i think its dirty.

Dont get me wrong, I would to do that but how?


ih8usrnames 40M

8/7/2005 2:25 am

I think the major issue is honesty. Guys who do what you explained (and no offense to your guy friends) do this by being dishonest and undermining the self-esteem of the girls thier fucking. They lead them to believe that there is a "monogamous" relationship when in fact there isn't and put accross this "commitment-shy" front in order to make sure thier victims keep coming back for more (having sex in order to preserve the relationship).

For you, if you do this, the concern is that one of the guys is going to get possessive. Even if you are honest with everyone it doesn't prevent problems.

They say also that women develop an emotional attachment to the men when they have sex with them so for a woman having multiple partners might be difficult.

Have fun and be safe

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