Slumber Parties  

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9/7/2005 5:44 pm

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Slumber Parties

The answer to a boring sex life:

I have recently reconnected with a friend of mine from college who has been married for the last 3 years. She and I had some wild times in college, the least of which was me bringing her into the strip game. She told me about her worries about sex and such and stressed that married with children sex is very different. That very good. How do this wild girl change into supermom, dutiful sex provider?

I told her about the slumber parties I started to throw and she seemed so excited. That was sad to me.

Do all marrieds have crappy sex lives or just most of y'all?

I addition, some dude told me girls who have had baby have loose coochies, is this true?

ynggunner78 38

9/8/2005 10:14 am

Married people do have bad sex lives from my stand point. I am going on two months now with no ass. Now I have a few friends with no complaints so I guess it is just the majority.
Now the part I got a biggest kick out of, women that had babies have loose coochies, lmao. That is the silliest shit i have heard. Maybe the man just could not step to othe level of game. You know was not equiped for the game.

SexxyRealtor27 38F

9/21/2005 9:33 pm

Hey man, that sucks. Even when I was a virgina and wanted to save myself for marriage, I understand the importance of sex and wanted my boyfriend to be satisfied even if it was with another woman or women.

Second, I am terrified that my pussy will be loose after child birth and its one of the main reasons I'm afraid to get pregnant any time soon.

So, why do you think married sex changes?

Sexxy in Orlando

ynggunner78 38

9/22/2005 2:51 pm

Sucks aint the word for it. I think it may have distanced us to the point were we just dont click anymore.
When it comes to babies, well, it is a miracle. And it is also a miracle how a woman will tighten up down there after a head that size goes through there. Don't let a urban legend scare you from having one of the most wonderful experiences in the world.
Married sex changes why? I am nto sure, I think it is a comfort thing to be honest. A piece of paper that almost garuantees you are gonna try to work on things instead of walking away. It is funny how I thought it would be so great....only to find an empty promise when she said sex will never change.
But that is just my experience

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