Mean Girls  

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9/21/2005 9:56 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Mean Girls

Hey nasty boys and girls!

Guess what. I meet a super cool guy off this site. It's not often that I actually like a guy and want to date him. But the weird thing is he has got me doing all sorts of new nasty,freaky, kinky stuff and I LIKE IT! He's into to BDSM so, I being the overachiever in and out of the bedroom that I am,I researched it after our first Dom/Sub phone sex session. First of all, let me say this: I LOVE DOMINANT MEN. I am so use to being in control and in charge ( I don't drink, thus not getting drunk and acting like an ass and saying stuff no one needs to one i.e about my feelings and such, and don't do drugs) because I am a total control freak and afraid of what will happen if my life is a little unscripted. I've been drunk twice in my life. My senior prom and one Sat night in Sept 99 when I broke up my boyfriend (second love of my life but I didnt realize that I liked him so much til he dumped me). I am always in control, every move planned. I have studied stragety since I was a child. Ancient battles and philosphers I read about to always be prepared. So I love being under someone elses control in the bedroom. Have a man tell me to suck his dick in a confident masculine tone. Making me do nasty things. But when he asked me to be his mistress and make him submit to me, it was such a turn in. Telling a strong, powerful man like him to do things. Suddenly all the Anne Rice erotic novels flowed back into my head. I wanted to fuck him, literally and ride him like a pony around my house. I went to Fairvilla on saturday night after hosting another Slumber Parties by Shante' and bought a LEATHER RIDING CROP. I love the fact that he's a big strong man outside the bedroom and will be my slave in the bedroom. I CANT WAIT TO TIE HIS ASS UP AND CUM ALL OVER HIS FACE. He is the only man I've thought about this much in a really long time. And then we switch. And I never thought a strong, kick ass chick like myself would like to be a slave, but I am very obdient when my Master tells me to do something. I'd probably do anything for him. I'm saving my asshole for him If anyone needs a good start to BDSM, read the sleeping beauty series from anne rice writing as someone else. so seductive, so naughty. I makes thighs wet thinking about him tying me up and gagging me while shoving that pretty pick cock into my throbbing wet shaven black pussy and my nipples get hard just by thinking about it all. Cannot wait to meet him.



ps we are looking for a few good men to join in and fuck with us in a good ole fashion Roman style orgy

rm_dman44444 46M
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9/24/2005 12:29 pm

i am not roman but considered a good man. if you have a vacancy i would like to fill it.

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