I'm back and at it again!  

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7/25/2006 8:14 pm

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I'm back and at it again!

It's been a long time since I've blogged. But I'm back! I've been so busy with moving, taking classes, starting a new job, working out, now currently looking for another job, my old car breaking down, and then getting a new car. I absolutely love it! My birthday was also last week, but oddly enough I didn't want to do a damn thing but sit, relax, and play video games lol. Instead I masturbated the entire day and got my clit pierced. I absolutely love it! It's pretty cute (that's probably weird to say) and I can't wait until it heals. That was a little birthday that I gave to myself.

I'm still single, but that's no surprise. I've been dating around but nothing has really tickled my fancy. Instead, I get guys that want to damn near rub my clit off (and not in a good way) and guys that just have no clue what to do when it comes to foreplay, oral, anal, and vaginal sex haha. But then again I have slim pickings out here. I'm dealing with mainly college aged guys that like jack rabbit sex. Needless to say, me being single is not bothering me at all. I've bought several new toys that are great but I can't use until my little clit is healed. When it heals, let the fun begin!

I've been catching up on the reading of some of the blogs and I've noticed that more and more women are talking about the "third leg". I thought I was the only one that was semi-annoyed by the pictures of a dick here and.... ohh look! a cock there. I totally agree with [blog hippie]. I love cock just like her but the pictures do nothing for me if I can't see who it's attached to. There is one man on here that had THE BEST picture I've ever seen. I would get wet everytime I look at it. But he's changed it damn it. Not only did it show his perfect dick, it showed his rock hard abs, defined oiled chest, and muscular arms. All of which were decorated with tattoos (tattoos are one of my many weaknesses). Mmm delicious. If I could I would go get myself off right now but I can't. So instead I will go take a cold shower and study for Statistics test. 'Til next time...


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