Tried masturbation last weekend and LIKED it  

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10/8/2005 4:46 pm

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Tried masturbation last weekend and LIKED it

It was last weekend two saturdays after my 31st birthday), but I decided to try masturbation for real. Not the ackward attempts in the shower or when chatting online here or on other chat rooms. And not the wet dreams that I would only allow myself to have since childhood.

It was an interesting thing to feel what I have either feared due to my past Catholic upbringing or laughed at cause I thought all of you were desperate sinners or losers. But, you know what? During my experience I learned a lot about myself and my burgeoning sexuality(aka I am still a virgin). After all, for years I have heard or read that people can only know how to please others if they know what pleaes themselves.

I mistakenly told all of the below details to a friend I met online who may no longer be a friend, but I hope she (being older) can understand my youthful(used loosely) excitement over all this. After all, she made fun of the fact that I may get blisters and then callouses on my pecker if I do it too much. (next time, using ointment).

<i>well I tried it last weekend, and sparing the details I climaxed twice
having done so, I learned that therfe is a certain amount of friction needed to climax which conflicts my previous theory which was just just needed to rub it vigoursly
also that you tend to want to rest after climax
its nbot out of disrespect but because your body is actually tired
that you an't just up and go again right after climax
it took me aroudn 5 minutes to get hard again and then 10 minutes with my thoird but failed attempot
that the desire to do it "again" is trong days later and the "five finger rosie" is not a bade thing to want to do again
that the male sex drive and desire to have sexc again as soon as possible is real
that not having sex (I theorize) for a long time would be painful both physically and psychologcically
that I mnay have chaffed something since I did not use any lubricant, HOLY CRAP is that importnant</i>

I now realize that my dream of going 4 hours of non-stop sex with every woman I meet is now impossible.

I still find it odd that I found myself pumping my pevlis into the ache in some weird attempt to fuck it. But i guess that must be what the climax portion of sex must be like for men and the air gives way better to my pelvis thrusts than my rug would.

If anyone reads this, please post your comments or about your first sexual experiences.

Now I am off to build up to confidence to try this masturbation thing again.

Patty8890 47F

12/1/2005 11:48 pm

I now realize that my dream of going 4 hours of non-stop sex with every woman I meet is now impossible.

Well, being a woman, I can not exactly speak from your side BUT I can say I have been with several men who can have hours of non stop sex. They don't generally do that every time though. It depends a lot upon various circumstances. just my little opinion.

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