Saw the odd and mundane tonight  

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8/10/2005 2:00 am

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Saw the odd and mundane tonight

As I was leaving a men's club in Austin since I got there too late to get in, open past 2am MY ASS!, I saw an unusual sight on my way to my truck. What I figured was a guy moving the parking brake or a The CLUB from his steering wheel(since was vigorously using both arms) was in fact something more erotic. He was obviously relieving himself after probably being "worked up" in the club. I found it quite hilarious on my drive home to dwell on what I witnessed. After all, those places do get you worked up especially after a good lap dance but to releave yourself in one's front driver seat? Seems quite messy to me but it still made perfect sense as the pain of blue balls driving home or the possible embarrassment of having to explain why you locked yourself away in your restroom when you arrive home to your significant other.

Oh and the mundane quality to the night? While I was leaving the Joy parking a couple I had passed on my way to try to get in was pulling out. I saw them reversing but I had the right of way since I was already moving and on my way, but the male driver still felt the need to salute me with the bird out his window. I figure I must have made him step on the brakes to stop but I believe I was very correct in to not give him a courtesy stop. Now on the subject of dates or girlfriends at strip clubs.....

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