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11/8/2005 2:31 pm

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Trying something new

So all my life Ive been very attracted to guys...dated almost half my high school. But it wasnt until I started having sex (my freshman year of college) that I realized I couldnt get off from a guy. Ive had small dicks, long dicks, short sex, 2 hr sex...and I get nothing. So naturally Im a bit frustrated. A couple friends of mine told me to check out porn and see what turned me on....and it was definitly the girl-on-girl.

I havent yet tried doing anything sexually with a girl. I have gotten drunk a couple times and kissed a girl using the alcohol as an excuse. But in all honesty...I loved every second of it and I was praying everyone would leave and she would rip off my clothes and make all my fantasies a reality.

So now that Im really getting wet, Im hoping I can find someone who will make me feel comfortable and keep it discreet...and at the same time make me cum for hours!

rm_corezon 53F
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11/8/2005 8:45 pm

How to give a woman a "head job".

(Don't get confused, I'm female).

I do not particularly like being licked and slobered on, especially if I think it's a chore to the person doing it. Not to say that I don't like oral sex, just some guys never quite get the hang of what REALLY turns alot of us on. When it's good it's fantastic, and if it's not fantastic you might as well skip it.

I always figured unless you have a hang up about one particular sex, sex is sex and you can get off with anyone once you know how to do it. Many women--I hear most--can't come without direct clitoral stimulation--fucking by itself isn't enough. When I've had all the teasing I can stand and want to cum I like it doggie-style or on my stomach because I can reach myself easier (so can he) and it's easier to come if my leg muscles are fairly relaxed and I'm not in a really contorted position trying to support myself. I can also get that tool to hit my G-spot a little easier. Combined clitoral and vaginal climaxes are the best you'll ever have.

Of course it's much easier to get aroused if the person turns you on to begin with, and women actually get off easier when they're close to ovulation. Multi-orgasms are much easier then. There's at least one time in my cycle when I have a really hard time getting off and it's just a hormonal thing.

If you can masturbate yourself into an orgasm then you can pretty much work out the moves with any partner. Of course, a great deal of sexual turn-on is mental, too. Some people will just find it easier to turn you on. Some men can turn me on just by looking at me, and the combined scent of a man's skin--not all men can affect me like that-- can be doubly arousing (and I'm not talking about the cologne). I like the scent of some women, too, and I've always considered myself pretty much straight (why strap on something when it grows natural? No offense, I just always wondered) so I don't know that it really is strictly a male-female thing).

Oral sex: the clit, the clit, the clit. No slober. Enjoy it, lick it slow, lick it in circles, get it hard, and then start sucking it. Not too hard but not too soft, you build up until you do it harder and faster and harder and faster but not before the woman's ready and you can tell by the tensing of her muscles and the growing engorgement of her clit. ("Don't stop, don't stop!" is a good clue too)A girl's first gotta be relaxed to get aroused enough to come. If you want to drive somebody nuts then get her close to cumming by sucking and then slow down or start licking again. You can build up into a really long strong one unless you come too close and let it down too often before she comes. Do it right and you can get a good 5 or 10 more within a few minutes like that. Heard one guy call it a girl's blow job. My ex was really good at it. Penetration at the same time intensifies it but it doesn't have to be all that hard or all that fast, the rhythms just have to complement each other and usually build in intensity. And I assume that people's tastes differ; I'm not sure about that!!!

Nor is everyone is equally good at sustaining and combining rhythms, either.

Some_Random_Dude 28M

11/10/2005 9:42 am

Seems like you had a bad luck with men...
But who could resist girl on girl action eh...
Pretty tempting isn't it.

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