Snooty Socialite, Ditzy Cheerleader, Band Geek, Punk Kid, Jock, etc...  

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5/14/2005 12:05 pm

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Snooty Socialite, Ditzy Cheerleader, Band Geek, Punk Kid, Jock, etc...

Upon reading old YM magazines today (do not ask why) I found I kept reading a lot of references to cliques both in ways to get that image, or how to win over certain groups, and then as the issues got more current, how cliques can be damaging!

I do not think personally throughout all my years in grammar, junior and senior high that I could have ever been labeled as any of the stereotypical descriptions above.

I do not honestly remember what I was like until about grade four! As soon as I hit grade four until grade seven I participated in every sport open to me! These years I also fell into the group of kids that were considered "cool", but we were also quite rebellious a bunch of us were held back in grade five, we smoked, "played" around, and had an awesome shit mix These were also the years of "Spin the bottle" parties and other such naughtyness, one of my friends in grade seven actually got pregnant. For some reason all the girls I was friends with had developed into full blown women by grade six, for example I haven't changed much since then

Grade eight found me moving into junior high where for the first half of the year I still had my grammar school friends, plus more badasses joined into our drug dabbling, ditching class, vandalizing the school, etc... Just before christmas vacation however two of my bestfriends were sent to different schools, as they were trying to seperate us all! After this happened I guess I realized I needed to shape up or ship out! I do not actually recall what happened (probably a side effect of the dabbling), but I became friends with a group of girls that were a lot less interested in appearance (I used to wear pajamas to school) and a lot less destructive, although the usual junior high festivities still occurred (beach parties, dating each other's exe's, skipping school for more "important" activities, etc..) I continued with this group of friends until my entrance into High School.

When I went to high school I turned over a new leaf and was excelling in honours classes, and my favourite sport. But I guess I got bored, because after Christmas Break I had a group of friends who were very good at manipulating my rubber arm into such activities that required less time at school. Grade 12 was the worst, one teacher told me "you are never going to amount to anything in your life", I was known for only showing up for tests, and eventually became a loner and dropped out of school unbeknownst to most of the people in my grade. Even now when I talk about it people are who I went to school with then are shocked to hear I didn't graduate with them, and then they remember that I did disappear for awhile!

I went to a different school the following year to
graduate as I wasn't allowed to return to my former school. I had decided I needed to get this done, and I didn't become friendly with anyone outside of class, but I definatly got along with everyone inside class I just needed to stay focused! It was a pretty uneventful year for me as I was working full time and attending highschool!

In all my years in school I would say that in the schools I went to other than the last, about 84% of the students would still to this day remember who I am! I had many different friends in all the different groups, and I was never one to snub out the "undesirables" from grade eight onwards. I always have people at the bar come up to me and say "Hi (my name here), didn't we go to school together?" And I usually recognize the person but may not always know their name! Having been born and raised in the same town all my life, and having been involved in so many different things/jobs, can sometimes be hard for me to go to the store without running into someone I know!

All that being said if I had to label myself, I would choose "Rough Around The Edges, Friendly, Girl-Next-Door" haha quite the label, eh?

Don't feel the need to go into as much detail as me, but were you a stereotype in school, or was there even that much of a clear division of the cliques in your schools? I know there never really was in mine, at least not that I was aware of

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*Image borrowed from a very lovely site that no matter how hard I try I can't seem to find again, but thankyou for the image guys*

P.S. Also upon searching google for cliques I found a lot of party pics (rave), and let me tell you that is a very "cliquey" scene, but thats a whole nother post on its own!

binny1981 35M

5/14/2005 2:07 pm

When I was in Jr. High and High School I wasn't in any clique really. I was what you were minus the "rough around the edges", lol. I was a good boy. My schools had cliques though and it didn't make my experience growing up fun at all.

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5/14/2005 8:31 pm

Oh yeah, my high school had them all - the jocks, the townies, the druggies, the nerds, the princesses, and the motor heads. I was a cheerleader in 8th grade and planned on trying out for the jv squad when I got to the high school, but the girls already on the squad were such stuck up bitches and I canned that plan and tried out for, and made, the rifle squad of the color guard. Spent all four years with them and had a blast.

I never dated anyone in my high school. The guys were just way too immature for me, so I dated Coasties, Marines and Army guys from the base. They all had nice cars and were old enough to buy liquor. lol Oh my, the parties we had. LMAO

Some great memories.


smileguyqc 53M

5/14/2005 8:31 pm

Yup lots of cliques, I was a bit of a geek so didn't fit in to any of them, got along with most though. I'd wear green cordoroys and plaid shirts, you can imagine ... anyway, don't have to get into how goofy I was. I was more of the quiet guy in the background don't know how well remembered I would be... I do think its important to be your own person, some people define themselves by the group they belong too rather than by whats inside... interesting post, thanks

expatbrit49 62M

5/15/2005 4:17 pm

School…..went, sometimes,
High school apparently I suffered from something the school called high tide syndrome, if the tide was in I would usually go sailing, school was for winter and when the tide was out. So I was a clique of one.

I did graduate my last report card mirrored all the others: Could do much better if he applied himself. I wish we could have commented back it would have been something like: Would apply him self if it was more interesting. Actually, I was so disinterested I probably would not have commented at all. LOL

On another matter: triskaidekaphobia!

Thank You for Your Time and Attention

rm_wodahs69 30M
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5/16/2005 2:05 pm

My school has everything, im part of the geeks/nerds, but theres 2 seperate ones. the ones that dont talk to anyone except themselves. and my group, which can and do talk to anyone in the school. colour gaurd for us is a bunch of fat chicks though.

mygmyg 59M

5/17/2005 10:08 am

SexTitten, Growing up Our family moved several times, 4 times during high school. in one instance, moving propelled me back into Jr. high for 4 months, which sucked. So I was almost always a "new kid", which did not bother me too much, but my sister, a year older struggled with this.

Anyway, the 1st year, I was in the cool clique, playing football, but I did not paricipate in spring workouts and tumbled quickly from coolness. Which made me very wary of fitting in with a group. Fortunately we moved before school began the next fall.
The next school was in a newly formed school district which had a campus, rather than one building, several buildings, and this campus was "college like". Being new here I was just another unknown new kid. Changed from this school in the burbs of houston to an inner city school when we moved from apt. to house that was finaaly completed. This was when I was tossd back to jr. high for a short time. then onto the high school the nest year.

Just a regular guy, being bussed from outskirts to inner city, our clique was our new neighborhood of similar aged kids. which was good, we were all high school aged but from 13 to 17 yrs old. This was great, being accepted by older kids and exposure to older likes dislikes, from music to our "neighborhood" aversion to the cliques at school. The 3 guys I hung with were surferish / motocrossers, if we had to be labelled.

Senior year we moved north of Dallas and this plopped me in a burb called PLANO. Mid 70's and booming from a small town to whatever it is today. A smalltown where football was everything, and sports in general were huge in this school and town. I had decided to participate in basketball my senior year and that was my get in free card initially easing me into school.
I would be introduced to quizzical onlookers as so and so, he plays basketball. Which got heeads nodding and occassional hellos in the halls. A very surreal environment, I was as standoffish as a JOCK could be. A fringe Jock, and soon fell in with several guys who had been footballers but the system had already rendered them useless due to injuries.

A typical "texas football factory", I was stunned how they were aware of their social limitation due to their physical limitations, no second thought given to what they had "given" to the school, just set out on the curb, but not in the gutter.Talked to, but not seriously considered. This was surreal to me, but the structure had been set.

I enjoyed seeing the life long plano-ites in a Dallas jr. college the next year, struggling to adapt to a new environment that did not include football and their comfortable structure. They had moved a million miles from home socially but only a 12 mile commute from home.
So that was / is my experience.

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