Favourite Season?  

SexTitten25 37F
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4/30/2005 8:32 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Favourite Season?

does it make a difference where you live? I have lived my entire life in the same city, so my answer is based on that! I prefer Fall and Early Spring, as I am very sensitive to both hot and cold Also, I love the colours that can be found during these two seasons!

expatbrit49 62M

5/1/2005 5:44 am

Ha Ha, you are just doing this to flaunt the fact that in BC you have 4 seasons while us poor folk out in Newfoundland only have 10 months of winter and 2 months of hard sledding.

But, your picture may make me change my vote in the sexy bra post

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Barbiebunny69 43F

5/1/2005 5:59 am

Spring Spring SPring!!!!!! Im sensitive to hot and cold too kitten. Springs jusssttt riiggghhhttt ..are you twitterpated yet?

ExcitedSenses 38M

5/1/2005 11:09 pm

spring by far. everyone is horny and excited to meet fun new people in the spring.

Priapeo 46M

5/2/2005 2:10 am

I know i'm quite ordinary, but I love beaches and consequently sardinian sea season (voit là, an alliteration), from may to september. But i wouldn't say summer is my favorite season so i'd rather single out my favorite fortnight, which is the first half of June: hot days but not searing hot, mild nights that I can sleep with my window open, vegetation still green and no tourists.

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Montreallover25 38M

5/3/2005 12:23 am

I can be horny on every season! but I must say that since I moved to the west coast, spring been my favorite and late autumn, because the weather is more umpredictable and I love to cuddle up!

rm_stubby4fun 46M
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5/3/2005 5:47 pm

I prefer fall because that usually means the start of ski season and early spring because of the mild temps.

If there isn't a sexy bra post, you should start one, because you sure do know how to fill them!

Meman39 53M
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5/13/2005 12:05 am

It's all in my imagination, you know. I was born in Hawaii, stayed for eight years in California, and now, I live in St. Louis. To fill my time I fantasizing in these many locales. How about getting naughty in the hot and humid beaches of Ala Moana Beach Park, when it's very crowded? Or can you imagine what scenarios I can imagine at Disneyland? I could give "The Happiest Place on Earth," a new meaning. Or the wonders of rocking (or trying to) on top of the St. Louis Arch? How's that for what season is the best? And that's just scratching the surface! LOL

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5/21/2005 7:50 am

yes favourite saison because sea sun and sexe .

rm_fanger_77 39M
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1/24/2006 4:19 am

of course the place from where one is,makes which season they like different......i'm from the tropics originally....yeah,an' the monsoon there is awesome. Well we in B.C. donno what a monsoon is...LOL...'cause it rains all the time. but trust me on this....when the suns out an' it rains...WOW!. its so exhileratin' to walk/bike/run....whatever,in the rain...LOL. There are places were the local music an' culture revolves around the comin' o' the monsoon, an' invariable its caught up in this romantic package....thats why i love the monsoon...even though i haven't experienced it in ages.....the memories remain.
Here in B.C.....i'd say fall is my favorite time o' the year...its like nature is gettin' ready to renew herself an' one can sense an' anticipate the comin' o' spring....its beautiful....air gets nippy...the colors change(hues o' red an' gold abound....mixed with browns an' earth),smells (damp earth) an' its gives everyone a gud excuse to share coats, stay in bed, cuddle...lol which i find very enjoyable actually...walks along the sea wall especially...stunnin'.

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