The State of the Dubya Address  

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3/10/2006 8:53 pm
The State of the Dubya Address

There are some things that most people don't understand. There IS a master plan. Dubya is the figure head, not the mastermind. He is the dumb kid of an ex-president, ex-vice president Texas oil baron. There is EXTREME power behind him. It is all a game played for the public. Dubya Jr. is being used by his own family (with his permission) to accomplish an overall goal - FEAR AND POWER (which also comes with BUTTLOADS of money behind it).

So here's the plan, conceived in the early 80's when Reagan was president and Dubya Sr. was vice-pres. The plan in its simplest sense is to take over the world. Not in its entirety, but money and power wise. Understand that only 2% of the world's population OWN 95% of the world itself. Part of that 2% is the Bush family and amazingly enough the BIN LADEN family. In fact the two families have invested in many business ventures and have been friends for many many years. Nobody seems to remember that thing we call history.

Now the first way to take over the world is to create FEAR. To repair fear, you get power - in the case of the Patriot Act for example - wide sweeping power. Then you must have a team of very talented PR people to not only scare the people, but them calm them down and distract them with other topics, some just as fearful, to keep their minds off the real plan behind the plan.

This is just my opinion, but its a very informed opinion. From 9/11 to the Federal Building bombs to the original Trade Tower bombing attempt years ago, Bush and his team have been supporting and building fear in this country for years with the help of their FRIENDS like the Bin Laden family and other powerful Saudis. Each disaster was PLANNED, SUPPORTED, FINANCED and ALLOWED to slip under the radar by Bush and his team behind the scenes. The eventual goal was to get Bush Jr., a dumb as a rock figure head that they could put in the public eye to take all the blame. Of course he has avoided blame by refocusing the public on Social Security and other issues that have NOTHING to do with fixing the endless cycle of fear and lack of security they create.

Its all about money boys and girls. Give money to your "bad guy" friends, give them training, give them planes and make sure that the intelligence community is concentrating on something else so that they can fly those planes into the trade towers. That creates fear which unfortunately comes from massive loss of life. We then wage war for no determined or factual purpose on a country that just happens to not only be your friend's home and under your friend's control, but houses some of the richest oil reserves in the world. What was that? The Bush family is in the oil business? Oh that's right! So since its war time, Bush can now create laws in war time and take control of this country in any way he wants to. We go to war, we lose more precious lives for no reason and the Bush family makes money because oil prices go up and he gets a cut from all his friends that will "win" the bids to reconstruct a country that we destroyed for no reason.

Everybody wins right? WRONG! We lose! The American public loses. The world loses. Bush and Bin Laden win! And at the same time, there are too many gutless, ball-less people in congress that won't DARE say one word that steps over the line in FEAR of Bush's power. Think about it. This guy didn't blink when over 2000 Americans died in the Trade Towers, thousands more are still dying in Iraq and even more in New Orleans. What does this guy do? Sit back and count his money - what does he care? He has accomplished his goal and WE allow him to get away with it. You know why? Because the next tragedy could affect you or a person you love. This guy is like the Mob! No one dare approaches him or challenges him out of sheer fear - at least those who KNOW the real plan. Everyone else bitches and screams, but have no power. Somebody says something, he shuts them down, outs them like the CIA agent - whatever he can do, illegally or not to shut them up until he is done carrying out his master plan.

Unfortunately there is no way out of this mess any time soon. Even Democratic potentials for the next election are in his pocket. It doesn't matter who we vote for in the next election. It will take about 10-20 years to let this family get weak enough to no longer be a threat. Then maybe we can fix what they broke - at least structurally. We will never recoup the massive losses. Kerry was somewhat of a gleam of hope, but power prevails and he lost.

Sorry for the rant, but this is REAL. We as a country are in big trouble and because of the lack of power we have as individuals, there is literally nothing we can do. Just had to lay it all out for you. Maybe a woman would be a needed change in the executive branch. At least there would be less of a chance of a deadly testosterone fueled scheme for world domination.

Your thoughts?

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