Abortion question 2  

SexAngel615 32F
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5/17/2006 3:42 pm

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Abortion question 2

Okay I got throu question 1 now its time for question 2. Say you met someone off of AdultFriendFinder and they don't want kids. You get pregnant would you have an abortion??? Men would you push for one or take responsabilty for your actions??? Or would you let her have it and not be apart of the childs life???

As i stated in my first question on abortions please do NOT bash anyone for what they believe in.
It all depends on the situation

rm_shaveclean2 56M/43F
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5/17/2006 4:46 pm

I believe that the choice of Abortion always depends on WHERE you are in your life. I do feel that IT IS MY RIGHT to have an Abortion....But I am at the point in My Life that I would have the Baby. But let me say this>>>>I would be extremely Careful if I were dating someone that didn't want Children.....So that We wouldn't be in an Awkward situation!!! Good Question Miss.Angel

g the female 1/2 of Shaveclean2


bgzevs 29M
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5/17/2006 5:17 pm

I couldn't belive women want kill her baby?think little,some years ago people take response on theyself but now the more easier answer is the best solution. Abortion is kill everywhere and for everybody. You have right to drink cola or pepsi,to smoke malboro or camel to be gay or strait but if you want to kill sombody have you right to kill poor and YOUR BABY ?.
I understand if you want sex to somebody and if you have sex whit man for one night but everybody have protections:condoms , anti baby pils and other contraceptive things and if u take care you haven't problems whit abortion.Isn't it true ,just thik and you find out I am right?

l am sorry because my English isn't better,but I think you understand me.

sexloverocknroll 57M
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5/18/2006 12:18 pm

If you are going to dance, you have to pay the band. If a person is going to have casual sex, then they should be prepared to face the consequences of their actions. All of this should be settled and discussed before having sex. Guess that is why I have not gotten laid off of AdultFriendFinder.


5/19/2006 3:08 am

nowadays and at our age it shouldnt happen. because being on this site i would take percautions and make sure that i dont get pregnant or a disease. birth control and only with condoms. if my sex partner doent want to use condoms than goodbye to him. my health means a lot to me.

rm_74Chiller 42M
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6/18/2006 5:08 pm

Hello Sexangel615
well thats not an easy question u put up here. But actually i would first ask myself why the woman got pregnant? in these days its really not a problem to save both the woman and the man double safety mesurements have never been bad anyways.. ok.. in some survey a couple of years ago 20% of the younger woman (16-30 of age i think it was) still believed a tampon is some kind of protection against unwanted pregnancies..O.MG. i nerly fell off the chair that time.. unbelievable.. regarding sex i must admit i only had sex with my girlfriends in a relationship never a ons before (i like it comfy beeing honest to the other partner and to yourself. Say what u like say what u dont like and let yourself go.. be curious .. and just enjoy every moment) and mostly the girl/woman took the pill not just for not getting pregnant but most because of the hormons and the helping effect on the body/pains especiallc during the days of red october.. haha..j/k a bit.. Im not a fan of condoms but i always have one with me just in case. Nowadays the people seem to have forgotton how dangerous aids or other genital diseases are. But ok i was always lucky not needin the condoms..hehe.. and its waaay nicer and less stress for both...

Okay now then since it happened i would try to sort out together with the woman what would be the best for the coming child and both of us.. For myself i can hardly survive my month atm and i wouldnt want to have a child which i cant supoort/feed. But I wouldnt pressurize the woman into an abortion. if she decides to get the child AND can tell me reliable solutions on raising the child (financially) then she should get it and i would help her as good i can and later be a proud father (and my father would be a proud grandfather..haha..i think he gave up ever going to be a gradfather. *g*)

Ok and something else... i cannot say what battle goes on in the womans body and brain but for some its just like going to the dentist and for some its like burriing the own parents at once.. and one good friend of mine already hat a boy and got pregnant again from her husband and for that time she didnt have the time and the money and the energy to have another child.. so she chose the best solution - an abortion - and chose me as a good friend to accomplish her on that day.. so i picked her up... went with her to clinic (there wer a lot of women there jounf and old.. and they always stared funny at me...dunno why..hihi) and later brought her back home. And even though everything was quite clearly for her before - later it wasn´t that clear anymore... But after some days (until some years went by now where she gave birth to a nice daugther) she knew she had done the right thing in her personal situation at that time. Children should be a positive thing in our life.. not something negative! life is already hard enough... make the best out of it....

Okay time to go on...
Greets from 74chiller
aka Marcel

btw.. if u continue this post and take respond to me i would apreciate getting an extra email from you to my email at ch1ller(at-symbol)mail.ru cuz im not on here that often but i do want to read other ppls thoughts and way of thinking...

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