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here is a fun story

I hated to be late but it was not a part of town I was familiar with.
It is hard to look for directions when a voice inside your head keeps
saying again and again, "this is crazy, this is stupid." I had told her
I'd be there at 100 when her son was asleep. It was 10:30.

I had stopped on the way at the adult bookstore and bought a ball gag
and a set of Velcro ties, and then had driven past the turn off. The
area was depressing, only off brand corner stores because the big chains
wouldn't come into the area, they kept in business mainly by cashing
welfare checks for malt liquor.

I finally pulled into one, to ask for directions. I had already bought
condoms, but for some reason the freezer case caught my eye. I got two
Popsicles, and went to the counter to pay for them and find out where
she was. I ended up looking at the map book to find her place.


RapeFantasyM- I've done this before, I will respect your safe word. I
practice safe sex. Come on lets do it.

FireGurlF- But you are married...

RapeFantasyM- Don't you want this? I know you do. It will not hurt
anyone-least of all us.

FireGurlF- But what about your wife?

RapeFantasyM- That's not what I asked you.

FireGurlF- I at least get to know what you look like?

RapeFantasyM- No


I had actually overshot her place, and had to double back. It was hard
to read the numbers on the apartments, so I had to circle it around
twice. I kept looking at my scrawl on the sheet of paper, her address.

I tried to be quiet, but my heart was pounding in my ears. I couldn't
have heard a marching band.

I had the items, my kit, and the Popsicles all in a bag. It was
awkward to hold all that, and the bags rustling seemed very loud. I would
have to open the door one handed. I hesitated by the door, and then saw
a neighbor come out. I realized I looked like a burglar, standing
afraid to go in. I had to go forward or flee. I wasn't leaving without what
I came for.

The keys were in the mailbox. It took me about five minutes to get the
right key in the correct lock. Then the door stuck. So much for being
quiet. I kept thinking that no one would leave the keys in the mailbox
except her, that this had to be the correct place. Trying to convince
myself. The apartment was small, a kitchen and living room downstairs,
two bedrooms and a bathroom up. There was no light on downstairs. But a
street light shining in the back door showed me a tidy little room,
cleaned up. When I saw it with the lights on I'd realize how everything was
second hand.

I locked the door behind me and left the keys on the stairs. I waited
until I was more adjusted to the dark and heard something from upstairs.
The door to one bedroom was cracked open, and I saw the feet of a
little boy-twisted in the covers. He moaned in his sleep, said some
indistinct words and I froze, two stairs from the top.


FireGurlF- what should I wear?

FireGurlF- what time will you be here, can it be after 100 when my
son is asleep?

FireGurlF- what should I have ready?

FireGurlF- what should I do before you get there?

RapeFantasyM- You're babbling. Shush. I'll send you and email. Follow
the instructions.

FireGurlF- Please spell out what you want. (smiles)

RapeFantasyM- It doesn't matter what you do, I am you, remember?
(evil grin)

FireGurlF- whooo hoo! (giggle)


I kept going, up to the top of the stairs. Her bedroom door was closed.
It was pitch black inside as I opened it. She was very careful about
how she arraigned the blinds to shut out the outside lights. I closed it
behind me, not wanting to disturb her sons’ uneasy slumber. I heard her
catch her breath very softly, then nothing.

She had to have seen me. My big silhouette in the doorway. I waited,
but it was so dark my eyes could not adjust. And I couldn't wait much
longer. I stepped carefully forward, dropping the bag on the floor, then
my jacket on top of it. Both noises seemed to shake the silent house.

I finally reached the bed, and put my hand out. A leg under the covers,
a loud gasp.

I fell forward, crushing her with my weight. Somehow I found my hands
locked around her wrists, but she didn't struggle. "Suzy?"

She had to swallow before she could answer. "Yes,"

I grinned in the dark. It was her, and she wanted it...wanted me.

I ripped off the covers, and there she was. Panties first, off in one
tear. Then her shirt. They were old, frayed, I'd told her not to wear
anything she cared about. But she hadn't realized how strong I was, how
could she over the Internet. Each rip was accompanied by her gasp, by
the realization that I was stripping her bear.

She fought like a wildcat, now, not scratching by agreement, but she
was all elbows and knees. I had wrestled in high school, I knew to just
use my weight and ride her. I hooked one leg under her and kept trying
to grab her hands. She twisted side to side, tried to roll over.

I grabbed at her breasts, pinching them, and she would push my hands
away. I tried to kiss her, and she'd turn her sweet lips from me. I'd
grab her hair and force her to turn her head back, but she'd bite her
mouth closed.

I hadn't been able to get my clothes off. We were both breathing hard,
covered in sweat. I decided to let her roll over. She got to her belly
and tried to get her feet under her, to get off the bed and out the
door. I let her get one foot on the floor and then lifted her in the air.
She made a little "oooooh" sound, surprised to find herself in the air
for a second, thrown back on her belly.

I put one arm under hers in a half nelson, and grabbed a handful of
hair to keep her still. I put my legs between hers, and spread them open,
my jeans grinding her ass. I reached down to her hot center with my
free hand. "Oooooh, no. No, don't. No."

I grinned as I put another finger in. She moved, but not as hard as she
could have. "You like it, don't you?"

She remembered she was supposed to resist. She began to buck, to really
fight again. But I had had enough.

I reached down and undid my belt buckle and she fought harder, thinking
I was undressing and it was her chance. I took off the belt buckle and
with one hand and my teeth made it into a loop again. When she felt it
going over her head she tired to get an arm up to her neck to block it.
I dug a knuckle into her side, and she automatically dropped her hand.

The belt slid down around her neck. She tried to fit her hand under it,
but I pulled it tight, choking her. It was locked onto her now. She
wouldn't be able to get it off. She was on her belly, and I had my ankles
locked around hers and one hand on the slack of the belt tugging it,
the other on her neck. She put the fingers of both hands under the belt,
and I tightened.

She then struggled wildly. She would fight so hard, pulling the
violence out of me. I jerked the too belt tight, and she made a wet coughing
noise. Her body wracked with coughs, her hands at her mouth, her lungs
seeming not to find any air.

I let her have some slack. But didn't let go.

"Say something. Say the safe word. Say you want a drink of water." I
wasn't scared, but I knew I'd come close to hurting her. And my tone of
voice said we would stop until I was sure she was safe.

She took in a couple of breaths. I stroked her hair with one hand,
letting her know I could wait. She coughed again, but in a normal fashion.
I looked at her body in the dark...her pale skin glowing against the
dark sheets. She was beautiful.

"We are stopping until you say something, bitch." It just seemed right
to say it that way.

She smirked, and her eyes met mine. "Fuck. You."

In the dark I grinned back. I wanted her suddenly. Wrestling her naked
body had made me want her, but it was now an overpowering urgent need
have her, to take her. To kiss that fucking smirk off her lips. The
Popsicles were melting on the floor.

I pulled her down by the belt. She was caught off balance by how
quickly my tenderness vanished. I got her arms both in between my legs. My
left hand was around both her legs. I transferred the end of the belt to
the left hand-now if she struggled with her legs, she would tighten the
belt around her neck, and my right hand was free. I smacked her ass,

"Ow!" smack. "Ow!" smack.

Smack, smack, smack. I began to rain the open handed slaps to her ass
cheeks, one after the other. Not one at a time but in a series of blows.
When they had been single blows she jumped at each one, but the hail of
blows didn't increase her struggles, rather she leaned back into them,
relaxed. Submitted to them.


RapeFantasyM- I am surprised you can sit down and type...(grin)

FireGurlF- Actually it is my shoulder that hurts more...I have a very
pretty bruise on it.

RapeFantasyM- Oh I am sorry.

FireGurlF- I feel the pain all day at work and think about you.

RapeFantasyM- Oh sweetie--I am so sorry.

FireGurlF- No, it is good for me to remember that you are real, and to
know what I am. (smiles)

RapeFantasyM- Did the belt surprise you?

FireGurlF- (giggles) It made me feel like I was a little girl when I
heard you unbuckle...It was like I was in trouble and going to get a


We were both breathing hard and covered in sweat, my shirt soaked, out
of breath. I released her and rolled to my feet, holding only the belt.
She scooted over to the far side of the bed. Back then I was overweight
and out of shape, but still strong. I pulled her by the neck to the
bed, then to her feet. She gasped as I jerked her around like a rag doll.

"I am done playing with you, bitch. Stand up. Look at me."

She did, looking up into my eyes. She was tall for a lady, but still
had to look up to me. She liked that I made her feel little. I tightened
the belt again, and walked her around the room a little by it, just to
show her my control. I stood behind her, and turned her to face the
mirror she had propped up against a wall.

"Look at yourself." Shyly, she did.

"You are beautiful. And helpless." She and I looked in the mirror. Her
pale skin, her heavy breasts, both hands on her neck resting on the
belt, and my head on her shoulder, also looking at her, greedily drinking
in her beauty. My shoulders appeared on either side of her in the
mirror as I stood behind her.

Our eyes met in the mirror. I saw the fear in hers. I stood there
thinking how I could get undressed. Then I saw the bag in the mirror. And
remembered the Velcro straps. I turned her around to face me. And got a
huge shock.

The look on her face caught me off guard. She slowly brought her hands
up to my face, and gently touched me with her eyes shut tight like a
blind person trying to read the Braille of my soul from my features. I
froze, not wanting to startle her tentative movements. She kept her eyes
shut tight, and kissed my face. Little kisses, like the first few drops
of rain from a storm.

"So now you want to kiss me, huh? Not going to turn away?"

She said nothing, put pressed closer to me. I'd learn how hard it was
for her to talk. I slipped my free arm around her and pulled her closer.
She was too shy to embrace me but rested her palms on my chest. I
kissed her once, full on the mouth. She melted into me. I felt a pang of
regret as I threw her on the bed. Because I wanted those kisses.

She and I had conquered something together, something that kept her
from being touched. Now she could let me in, I had slain the dragon and
those kisses were my reward.

I took out the Velcro straps. She cooperated until they were on. She
bucked a little, testing them, writhing around in them, feeling the
security of them. I grabbed her hair and she froze, no longer needing to
test my strength. She opened her mouth when I put the gag against her
lips. She leaned her head forward so I could tie it in the back, now an
eager accomplice in her own . The clasp of the ball gag had come
undone, and I just tied the straps in a knot, and she let her head fall back
down to the pillow.

"Your safe hand signal is flipping me the bird, let me see you do it."
She did.

I reached into the bag, and pulled out one of the Popsicles. I set it
still wrapped on the bed, near her feet, and shucked out of my clothes.
I leaned across her body, by back to her face, my right elbow next to
her hip.

She reached her bound hand towards mine, and our fingers clasped. I
picked up the Popsicle with my left hand and unwrapped it with my teeth.
And my body hiding her own cunt from her eyes, plunged the Popsicle into
her hot wet center.

Her hand tightened, her body bucked and she kicked a little tattoo with
her bound feet like a child throwing a tantrum. I would learn that was
the sign she was close to the edge. But then I didn't back off. Her
body numbed by the cold after the initial shock, and I began to fuck her
with it. She would moan with every in stroke, and her hips would follow
it as I took it out, as if reluctant to let it go.

I took it out of her, and grinned at her. She made a disappointed sigh
around the gag as it left her, and she made plaintive little sounds,
hungry for the stimulation. I slapped her in the face very gently with
it, making her a sticky mess. She tried to turn and avoid it, the sting
of the cold, the sticky trail it left, and the way it reminded her that
her face was exposed and unprotected.

I rubbed it on her nipples, watching them harden. I licked the sticky
syrupy sweetness off her breasts, and was rewarded with a moan. I took
out the gag.

"Oh sweet Lord, what is that? What is the...mmmph" I shoved the
Popsicle in her mouth.

"Don't bite...but you can suck." I put my head down between her legs.
She was sticky down there, with the remains of the Popsicle, and with
herself. I blew on her, and she spread her legs.

I gently put the tip of my tongue on her...her desire was so intense I
could read it telepathically, or perhaps my subconscious had decoded
her moans around the Popsicle. Her entire body, her soul, screaming

"Please! Please!"

I was no longer the detached manipulator. Her total surrender had
touched something in me and I wanted her, needed her, to feel pleasure. I
stopped teasing and rammed my tongue into her, her, licking her.
Sucking on her clit gently to fill inflate it, then fucking her with my
tongue in and out, my hands cupping under her ass to pull her into my

I lovingly cleaned the mess I had made of her, gently licking her
sticky thighs. Then plunged back into her, feeling pleasure and desire
radiate from her like waves of heat, looking up her body. I could see her,
looking up between her breasts, the Popsicle melting in her mouth. Over
her lips and running down her face. I grabbed both of her bound hands,
and pulled myself into her, then licked until she began to shake.


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love those stories!! do you have more?

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