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another story

To: FireGurlF

From: RapeFantasyM

Subject: Punishment

You've been a bitch all week. Every email that you sent me has been
short, and seldom on time. You are supposed to send me an email detailing
how you would serve me coffee in the morning, not whining about the
lawyer and my divorce. You have been bitchy and crabby ever time we talk.
And when you told me your Mom called last night and I let you go,
released you from service to Me to talk to her, you said you'd call me right
back. What kind of excuse is "I fell asleep"? You know if you are tired
I want you to sleep, but you must keep your word to me, as I have to

I have entered your son’s life as we agreed. I cannot just step in and
be Master of your house yet sweetie. He must first see the love and
respect I have for you. He is smart and will figure out that I own you
without seeing the collar. You have been his mom seven years, and he knows
loves and trusts you. He only likes me right now, but that is a start.
(smiles) And I do care for him. He does not need to see his mom as a
bratty little bitch. Even though you are. You will be punished, but not
in his sight. This is what will happen when I come over:

1-Dwayne must not know anything is wrong; he will not suffer for your
punishment, now or ever.

Dwayne started jumping up and down in the doorway of her apartment as
soon as my car pulled up. He was watching for my car out of the ground
floor window. He ran out when I came to a stop.

"Ted is here! Ted is here!"

"Dwayne, you can’t be out here in the rain in your socks, your Mom will
kill me."

"Ted pick me up!" He paused, a sly look on his face. "If you carry me
in my feet will not get wet."

I laughed, and so did he. I picked him up and carried him in.

I looked up the stairs, and there she was, carrying an empty laundry
basket. She froze, trying to smile, unable to meet my eyes.

2-You will get one kiss and one hug. You haven't earned them and don't
deserve either one, but Dwayne will wonder if we don't greet each other
in our usual way. He must not get the idea that there is anything

She came down the stairs towards me. "Dwayne honey, now you get your
shoes on so you can help Ted pick the videos for us tonight."

Dwayne ran up the stairs past her. He was rushing because I would let
him pick a video, a little adventure for him. She stood on the stairs
halfway down, clutching the basket to her. The baggy sweatshirt didn’t
hide her full breasts, and deep full shoulders. Even in the sweat pants I
could see the sweet curve of her hips. Her hair was back off her
forehead, her face without makeup. Yet she still took my breath away.

I motioned for her to come down. She obeyed, nervously looking for a
place to put down her basket. I took it from her. I put it in a chair in
her tidy little living room.

I leaned forward and kissed her, on the cheek closed mouthed. She
closed her eyes and leaned into me. Her eyes closed tight she stepped
forward and held me, her long fingers digging into my biceps. She always used
a raspberry scented body lotion. I breathed the sweet scent in. I held
her to me for a second, and then gently pushed her away.

She looked down at the carpet.

3-I will still make dinner, as I have every Thursday. Dwayne still
needs to get used to me being around, and I will not disrupt that, although
I really don’t want to see you right now. Dwayne asked for spaghetti
and meatballs and that is what we will have. We will get a video for
Dwayne, but you and I will not watch one when he is asleep. You know that I
enjoy sitting on the couch under the blanket with you, but thanks to
your poor attitude you have denied me that pleasure. The cost of that
will be added to your punishment.

Dwayne had asked what all the knobs and lights on my dashboard were for
on the trip over to the Video World. But he had to sit in the back
seat, because my car had air bags. So when we got home we sat in the
parking lot playing with the buttons and knobs.

"Ok, Dwayne, now push that one!" The wiper fluid sprayed out onto the
windshield. Dwayne laughed with pure joy. Only a seven-year-old boy can
find nirvana playing with the dashboard of a parked car. We had the
radio blaring, the high beams on, the heater blowing and the wipers going
full speed.

Suzy came out. She saw him in the front seat, and there was a question
on her face.

"Dwayne wanted to know what all the buttons on my dashboard did so I
showed him. Right Dwayne?"

He pushed the hazard button, his favorite. "Mom...Look at this the
lights all blink! Red alert! Red alert!"

He aimed my windshield scraper like a ray gun, blasting aliens only he
saw in the parking lot.

"Yes Dwayne, they sure do...umm, your car has airbags..."

"Suzy, he sat in the back when the car was moving. I just let him sit
up front when the car is stopped so he can play with the knobs. Ok,

"Ohh...I didn't mean that you would..." she looked down at the ground.

"Teaching me to take care of him is still part of your job. It's ok.
Did you get the water boiling?"

4-You have not been pleasing to me. You find fault, criticize, nitpick
and whine. I have no desire to be around you. I will play with Dwayne,
and you will be upstairs, rewriting all the emails you sent me this
week. Making them better, as all your entries prior to this week were. Up
to the level they were. You will clean and neaten the apartment. Then
you will shower, to be fresh and clean for my use. You will begin
punishment at 100pm. After we read with Dwayne and put him to bed. You will
follow these instructions very carefully, because there will be no
mercy or forgiveness. I am all out of both.

We had each taken a turn reading to him, she would read one page, then
him and then me. We let him pick a book out from the big stack of used
books she had gotten at a thrift store. He liked the way I acted out
the stories when I read them. She didn’t look at me the entire time. She

We put Dwayne in bed, full of spaghetti, at 80. He usually tried to
get up after the story. But pasta and tomato sauce had worked it's
magic, as he did not stir.

Then I had gone down and sat on the couch, looking at papers from work.
My 401k plan, my stock options, anything to kill the long slow hours
until 100pm. I had brought work with me, but only enough to occupy half
an hour. I shuffled papers and tried to look busy, as I heard her type
my emails over, and straighten up the apartment. It was very little
consolation knowing the wait was much worse for her.

As the time drew nearer, I looked over the instructions I had sent her.
I heard her run the shower.

5-You will prepare the room for me after you shower: light candles,
make the bed, and lay all the toys neatly on the bed. You will wear a
short dress with nothing on underneath, the blue one. You will put your
collar on the big chair in your bedroom, and I will decide if you have
earned the right to wear it again before the night is over.

You will come down ten minutes before all is ready to let me know that
you have done as I told you. You will lock your bedroom door and put
the spare key on top of the doorframe so Dwayne will not walk in and see

Next to the collar you will put all the emails you should have done
correctly the first time, and you will wait as I read them. You will be on
your knees (kneeling on a pillow) with your hands cuffed to the leg of
the chair. You will be blindfolded. You will have the ball gag in

She came halfway down the stairs in a robe. I looked up and she froze.
She was really scared. I wanted to run to her, hold her, and tell her I
would stay with her and Dwayne. Instead I snarled at her, "What?"

"Everything will be ready. Just like you said."

I looked back down at the papers, and said nothing. She crept back up
the stairs.

I took out a sheet of paper, and made notes. Planned what to do before
I was in there with her.

I made myself sit there ten fucking minutes, and then went upstairs.
The key was on the doorframe. I let myself into her room. Picked up the
emails and began to read them.

To: RapeFantasyM

From: FiregurlF

Subject: I messed up


I am so sorry. I know you are a good man and I really do appreciate all
you are doing for Dwayne and I. I know I haven't shown it, I guess I
don't know how to act around you. I am sorry that you are not happy with
me and I have failed so miserably, and I am very, very scared.

Everything will be as you say. Please let me serve you let me please
you. I think that, in your kindness, you have held me on to loose a leash
and that is why I have fucked up. I am glad you have no mercy left for
I deserve none. I am weak and I always make bad decisions. I always
take the easy way.

It is to easy for me to go back to my old ways, to the bad ways. I need
you to force me to be straight. You are so good for me, so good for
Dwayne. Please don't worry about being so strict, worry about being to
lenient. I beg this of you.

Your Bitch, slut, animal


I sat on the chair and read every word of the emails she had re-written
and typed out as she knelt on the floor. I had to turn my body slightly
to avoid touching her. I wanted to so very badly but knew it would be

She knelt there for ten more minutes, blindfolded. I sat without
moving, and then I closed my eyes, because I wanted to see if I could know
what she could tell about the room.

I smelled the candles, felt the breeze of this Indian summer night
coming in from the open windows. I could hear my heartbeat, and the tiny
clink her handcuffs made as she tried to be still. As I opened my eyes I
saw I had been in the room for 15 minutes, looking at her alarm clock.
But had not said a word.

I carefully reached down next to me and picked up her collar. I held
the buckle and d-ring so they would not jingle, and soundlessly leaned
forward. She had worn that collar to bed every night for a month, it was
like part of her. But when I let the end dangle against her cheek, she
jumped. I knew I had her now.

She moaned around the ball gag as I grabbed her hair and forced her
head back, to more easily put the collar on her. She tried to brush her
face on my hands, thanking me for the collar. She knew now that whatever
I did I wasn't going to disown her.

But I didn't want her relived that soon. I pushed her head down to the
floor, so hard that the chair she was cuffed to jumped, squeaking on
the bare wood floor. She froze, realizing that she would now earn the

I stood up and looked at the toys, my notes in my hand. "Decisions, should I beat my bitch tonight? She's really been a

I picked up the riding crop. She hated it. It had been her most feared
toy for a long time. I laid it on her back. She jumped again, and
moaned in despair.

"Hmm, with this...I think 20 would be a good start. Ass up, slut."

She obeyed, her round and pale ass pointing out for me. I kicked her
legs apart to spread her cheeks, her face buried into her cuffed
forearms, waiting.

I laid five at a time on each cheek, and saw her jump with each stroke.
No warm up, no teasing, this was punishment. The cheeks bounced with
each wrist-snapping blow...each leaving a red mark clearly on her skin. I
looked at the stripes on her pale ass. Beautiful.

I could here her rough breathing through her nose.

I rubbed the sting out of her ass, and peeked at my list. Wax.

I grabbed her legs and twisted her over, forcing her to her back. I put
my booted foot on her chest, just below her soft full breasts. I picked
up a candle from the windowsill. I knelt down and held the flame close
to her thighs, near her trimmed pussy. She whimpered but did not move.

I held my hand over her belly, now on my knees. I let the wax run onto
my palm. It dripped onto her and she was no longer still. She made a
little whimpering sound, and jumped with each drop. I poured the cooling
wax into one big puddle on her belly as she twitched and moaned.

It was worse for her with the blindfold. She didn’t see it hit my hand,
didn’t know I was cooling it slightly. I know she thought I was just
dumping it on her. Because I had to hide from her how much she meant to

She had left a big glass of ice water on the dresser for me. She had
done it without being told. Last time I was over she had forgotten. She
knew I had not been happy about it and she had done better.

I took the water, but didn’t drink. I fished an ice cube out with my
tongue and held it in my mouth. I put it in the front of my mouth and
kissed the wax. It froze and got brittle and I peeled it off, then I
touched the pink skin underneath with an icy kiss. She arched her back,
welcoming my lips and the relief from the heat.

"Roll over bitch. We are just getting started."

I wanted her to think I would torture her all night. Keep the pain
going, not give her relief. What was to come next would be the worst part
for her.

She obeyed, ass out again, many of the crop marks already faded. I
reached over to the bed. And picked up the wooden spoon. I rubbed it on her
ass, and heard a moan.

"Oh No! Oh, not the spoon!" I mocked her. I mocked her country girl
accent. "Please Master, not that. Oh I'll be ever soooo good, I do

She hung her head, tried to hide her face in her arms, the blindfold
riding up.

"Ten. Lets count shall we?" I laid in the first five hard, alternating
cheeks. She jumped at the first to, and then held still, both hands
clutching the chair leg she was bound to, her knuckles showing white with
her grip.

I hit her four more time with it, as she knelt unresisting, undefended,
in submission.

I undid the cuffs, and pulled her up to my body, still on her knees. I
hugged her from behind.

"You get one off for leaving my water like a good girl."

I kissed her neck, and threw the spoon away. She relaxed as she heard
it hit the floor. I took off the blindfold, and felt her warm soft
breasts, and the little spike of her erect nipple. The other hand found her
center, so hot so wet, so in need of my attention.

I pulled the gag down, out of her mouth, and she took in a big gasping
breath, and swallowed.

"Anything to say for yourself?"

"Thank you...thank you. Oh God thank you." She was crying, mixed tears
of pain and relief. As she reached back with her left hand to pull my
head forward, and kiss me, I felt her hot tears on my cheek.

I let her kiss me a long time, let her touch my face, let her know I
was there and real.

She still didn't believe I was there sometimes, not on the Internet, or
across the world but there. Her hands trembled, so I held her tight
both of us on our knees. She was happy she was being kept. I was relieved
to have passed my own test.

I reached over to my left where I had put the water. I handed her the
glass. She drank greedily, as she reached back and stoked my hard cock
through my pants She had felt it grow as I held her.

"You gonna get naked with me? Purty pleeease?" She turned and grinned
over her shoulder, tears drying on her face.

I looked at my watch.

"Hmmm kinda late. Maybe I should check my email. Then go to sleep."

"Here," she said with a crazy grin, "let me help you with that." And
she undid my watch and threw it across the room. I glared at her in mock

She squeezed my erection. She made a face of mock horror.

"Oh please don’t beat me with that...mmmmm hhhmmmm." She stroked it
through my pants.

"On your feet, you get to undress me now." and I stood.

Then the tears came back, "I can't stand...I'm sorry I can’t."

I knelt back down by her. "Baby, why not?"

"My legs are asleep. Oh I am ruining it...I'm sorry."

I picked her up and put her on the bed. I lay next to her as she
sobbed, ashamed.

"Sweetie, you have to tell me if you have anything go numb, remember?
Red, red, red. Or the hand signal."

"There is no red when I am being punished."

"There is always red."

"No. Not when I am being punished."

I stroked her hair. She dyed it just a little too red. She was a
country girl, and trying to figure out my subtler taste was a constant
challenge for her. Maybe I should have seen her hair color as one big safe
word. She reached over and began to unbutton my shirt.

"I'm ok now, really."

I looked at her.


She pulled herself to me. Kissed me hard.

"Please let this be about my pleasing you, not about you worrying about

She had my shirt off. She moved to my boots, her hands flying. I didn’t
help, knew she needed to serve me, do it for me. Socks, belt, then I
lift my ass for the pants and underwear, all thrown to the floor. She had
gotten very good at undressing me.

Her hands are so soft and pale, yet nimble and sure. So gentle, I was
sure the patients who she cared for looked forward to seeing her. They
wouldn't understand what I did to her, but they all knew she was

I pull a handful of her hair, pulling her head next to mine, face to
face. I let what is in my eyes out, look into her soul.

"Tell her you are my bitch, 24/7/365." I shake her head by her hair.
"Got that?"

I can see the thrill going thru her whole body. She closes her eyes.

She put the head of my cock in her mouth, diving down on me and looked
at me out of the corner of her eye. She narrowed her eyes to slits and
kissed the head, teasing.

Then she started in earnest, closing her eyes, her entire being focused
on my pleasure, reacting to my every twitch, unconsciously moving her
head in time with my breathing. Pleasing me with her whole body, hands
dancing over me sweat starting to gleam on her pale smooth skin.

She licked the length of it, then swirled her tongue around the tip. I
was enflamed, wild for her. I grabbed her by the hair, and rolled her
on her back, and climbed between her legs. I put the tip at the entrance
to her. I knew by now, she would be wet. I entered her, slowly.

"Oh yes. I need it. Please fuck your bitch."

I didn't move. She looked at me.

"Please, please, no not this."

She could feel me inside her, and yet I didn’t give her what she

She stroked my back trying to urge me on, to make me move in her. When
she got frustrated words would leave her, and she made sexy little
grunts. Plaintive ones.

"Why the hell should I fuck a bitch like you?"

She smiled, and wrapped her arms around me, pulling me close. She put
her lips to my ear to whisper. I could hear the smile in her voice.

"Well, see, because I am your bitch. Yours. You own me."

I grinned.

"Then I can do whatever I want, can't I?"

I turned to look at her. Her expression shocked me. She had gone from
playful and loving to totally blank.

"Yes. You can. Always, anytime. Anything. Please just take it."

I sank my teeth into her neck. Marking her, claiming her, giving her
another mark to sneak into the bathroom and look at work. So she would
remember I had come for her.


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You are a very scary and sick person

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7/13/2006 7:57 am

That was hot please play with me

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i loved reading that story.. Very hot!!!

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