What have I learned from the Celtic Fest?  

Sethandsunny 51M/51F
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7/17/2006 5:00 pm
What have I learned from the Celtic Fest?

I learned that kilts make your balls sweat, but sweet summer breezes make up for it.

I learned that if you want AdultFriendFinder people to meet you somepleace, they need more than a days notice.

I learned that chicks dig guys in kilts.

I learned that even if a chick has on panties, it's still fun when she flashes you.

Eepecially when you didn't realize you were showing off your balls.

I learned the best way to make friends at a Celtic fest is to punt a rugby ball while wearing a kilt.

Was anyone else there? Or does anyone else on this site ever go to legends?


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