This is what happened.  

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3/24/2006 12:15 pm
This is what happened.

Some of you may remember this from another time and another post in another place. It does not matter. I wrote it because I knew it then, but could not admit it.

I tried to fight it, for all the right reasons. But in the end, it was broken, and it was time to move on.

What follows is my poetic description of what I tried to do, and where I ended up.


No.3 (Unfound)

Somewhere I lost something.
If I retrace my steps,
If I look around closely,
If I ask for help
(Someone might have seen it),
If I clear my mind,
If I am honest about where I have been,
If I can remember what it looked like,
(Sometimes I forget that too),
I might have a chance to find it.

If I find it,
I could keep it.
If I wanted it.
If it was lost in the first place.
It might be right under my nose covered up
(And that is not lost).
But I might have just not wanted it any more,
And thrown it away,
Because it was broken,
And I needed a better one.
(And that is not lost, either).

(c) 1.20.06 Serious Man Productions

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