Next to where I stand  

Seriously_Real 48M
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3/14/2006 8:55 pm

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8/24/2006 1:37 pm

Next to where I stand

I have this flag.
Held aloft, it announces my arrivals.
Dragged along, it (still) murmurs my state.
But it is mine, even though it is:
Weathered from tasting the saltwater
Shredded from resisting the hurricane
Shot through with the memories of wars.

I have this stake.
It holds my flag.
Long ago it was sharp --
A needle to pierce the places next to where I stand
Or stood (for a while anyway).
The tip is now blunted from overuse,
The length smoothed by the oil of my palm
And the transference of splinters to my calluses
While I grip it,
While I clutch it,
While it waits to be plunged next to me again.

I have these shoes.
The road they travel is not less or more,
But they surprise me where they go.
Like when they find a beach and sink in sand
Until the waves overlap and wet the toes.
Or when they step on coals that burn the soles
But protect the tender foot inside.

Or when they slowly and suddenly stopped
Right next to where you stood.
Where I now stand.

--- Seriously

Sorceror07 54M

3/18/2006 11:41 pm

wow! that is awesome!! and also very true about how fate works... or at least that's what i got out of it

...That which does not kill me merely pisses me off!...

curious082385 31F
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3/19/2006 12:07 am

Beautiful, absolutely beautiful.

Starting here at the beginning to work my way up the page.

Seriously_Real 48M

3/19/2006 9:57 am

Honni -- thank you sweetie. It is always nice to be noticed. And you know, this little poem is one of my alltime faves. Thank you for validating that. (Now I just have to not disappoint you....)

Sorceror -- Yup. The Fearsome Fearless Fickle Feet of Fate have deposited yours truly where I stand. Go figure.

Curious -- Thank you. Yours is, too. You'll see me around.


rm_1hotwahine 63F
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3/19/2006 4:59 pm

Yeah, I'm still [blog 1hotwahine]

runzwithknives 60F

3/20/2006 8:11 am

Vivid and Beautiful!!

Seriously_Real 48M

3/20/2006 9:22 am

runzwith -- thank you honey. I kinda like it to, to be honest. Stop by some more again.


papyrina 51F
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3/21/2006 6:47 am

thta was lovely thankyou

I'm a

i'm here to stay

Seriously_Real 48M

3/21/2006 8:00 am

Papy (and Papys ass)--thank you both!


rm_sj365 55F
2414 posts
3/21/2006 8:04 pm

really really well done know how to do this

Seriously_Real replies on 3/22/2006 4:54 am:
Thank you. This means more than you know. No. Wait. You do know.

I am humbled.

keithcancook 60M
17817 posts
3/22/2006 7:20 am

I gotta agree with those above me. Honni sent me here, and has proven that she has an eye for talented writing.

Blog On!

Seriously_Real replies on 3/22/2006 8:11 am:
thank you, keith. You're quite the writer your ownself.

GoddessOfTheDawn 105F
11240 posts
4/9/2006 6:24 am

~ readz, re-readz ~

very well done....

Seriously_Real replies on 4/10/2006 6:53 am:
Thank you baby. That means much coming from talented writers like you.

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