For Immediate Release  

Seriously_Real 48M
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6/2/2006 1:59 pm

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6/6/2006 3:33 am

For Immediate Release

ATLANTA GA, June 2, 2006 -- Bloggers and former celebrity couple sexydisaster30 and seriously_real announced today that as of June 1, 2006, they have officially extended olive branches, smoked peace pipes, and executed a peace treaty, ending a two-week period of discontent that threatened to disrupt the peace and harmony of Blogville. The announcement comes after a marathon summit meeting on June 1, 2006, to address outstanding issues and end any appearances of hostilities.

In a joint statement, Mr. Real and Ms. Disaster stated: "We are thrilled that we could sit down like adults, go through our issues with each other, and resolve to move forward together in renewed friendship and a commitment to let the past be the past," the statement said. "We have always had a special bond between us, and neither of us wanted the other to disappear from our lives. Now that we have had a meeting of the minds on all things, we can continue to enjoy the benefits of knowing each other."

Ms. Disaster and Mr. Real were a couple for nearly four months, and their lives were prominently displayed in Blogville. Members of the Blogville community got to know them to varying degrees from personally to merely by name, but no one truly knew what was going on in their relationship. Sources close to the two bloggers indicated that the "fishbowl" life of a Blogville couple created certain pressures and contributed to the shocked and disappointed reaction of the Blogville community to the breakup.

Following the split, the couple attempted to keep their private lives private, but it was nearly impossible to do so. This also created, at times, inappropriate "side-choosing" among some of the residents of Blogville, as well as inappropriate conjecture as to the inner-workings of their former relationship. "What really disappointed me is that all these people presumed to know what was going on, and tell me what they thought about it, when they had no idea what either of us really thought or what was really going on behind the posts," said Ms. Disaster, a sentiment echoed by Mr. Real.

Because of all this, the two decided to meet and resolve any outstanding differences and agree on the language of a joint release so that all of their friends and supporters would know that there are no "sides" to take, no secret stories to share, and no hard feelings lingering.

"We have moved on with our lives, with well wishes for each other and remaining close friends," they said. "We ask now that all of Blogville move on from the subject of 'us,' too. We will comment on each other's blogs from time to time, and we have no plans to create conflict with our own posts. Please do not look for any hidden meanings or messages in what we say, and, as always, thank you for your love and support."


Phuc_Buddy 46M

6/2/2006 2:08 pm

Very cool, glad all is settled.

Seriously_Real replies on 6/2/2006 4:40 pm:
Me too. Whoo.

southrnpeach333 50F

6/2/2006 2:15 pm

As i just told sexy...I love you both...but am disappointed to miss out on the things that i had planned for you guys to get me to keep me on your are man with a big heart...hope you save a little piece of it for me.

Seriously_Real replies on 6/2/2006 4:42 pm:
And as she said, if there are sexual favors involved, I could be bought off....treaty? What treaty? Or something....nevermind.

rm_DaphneR 58F
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6/2/2006 2:25 pm

It's a good thing you two never started couples blog. The custody suit could have stretched on forever (which in Blogland time is like a week and a half.)

Have tongue, will use it. Repeatedly.

Seriously_Real replies on 6/2/2006 4:43 pm:
Nah, we wouldn't have fought over it. It would have been alot like my actual divorce...."Yes, dear....whatever you want....I'm sorry....uh huh.....yes, you can have that....that too.....that too....that too....that too....."

caressmewell 53F

6/2/2006 3:00 pm

I am glad things are settled.

Seriously_Real replies on 6/2/2006 4:45 pm:
Me too. Moving forward is good for everyone....

meerkittykat 42F

6/2/2006 3:17 pm

    Quoting rm_DaphneR:
    It's a good thing you two never started couples blog. The custody suit could have stretched on forever (which in Blogland time is like a week and a half.)
Or...imagine if there had been little blogettes running around. There would have been pressure to stay together for the little buggers, then they'd be used in little power games between the unhappy couple.

We should all be lucky this union didn't reproduce.

Seriously_Real replies on 6/2/2006 4:47 pm:
We used blogcontrol. We weren't ready for bloglets yet....but how cute they would have been, huh?

PurplePeach72 44F  
9199 posts
6/2/2006 3:27 pm

Once again you two have shown us the way adults should handle these issues. You're great Bloggville role models. We're happy for you that you've got everything settled and on friendly terms.{=}LeeAnn


Seriously_Real replies on 6/2/2006 4:48 pm:
Adults talk to each other directly and handle their stuff like adults. We know how much everyone cares about us, and doing this like this we hope will put everyone back at ease.

MoonRise9 58M

6/2/2006 3:48 pm

Enough said. I'll shut up.

Seriously_Real replies on 6/2/2006 4:48 pm:
Don't worry, Moon. You have bigger fish to fry than worrying about us, anyway, huh?

rm_truedom2 55M
663 posts
6/2/2006 3:54 pm

I have always and still love both of you....and I have to until I can cash in on the free lunch....damn I such a whore

Seriously_Real replies on 6/2/2006 4:49 pm:
We will still both go if you want, and you don't have to choose. See? Now....if she decides you're hella cute, then I'll gladly step out of the way....

JustaSeeker 105F

6/2/2006 4:43 pm

I'm happy for you that you worked it all out. Let peace reign in the kingdom.

Seriously_Real replies on 6/2/2006 4:51 pm:
Aw, hell. Peace is good. Not real damn sure about the kingdom part, though...heavy is the head that wears the crown and all that. Can't we just be an autonomous collective?

TheRealThing655 48F
9558 posts
6/2/2006 4:51 pm

This was better than any article in People Magazine...or rather, the National Enquirer.
Very nice. Peace at last.
Good news.

Seriously_Real replies on 6/5/2006 6:52 am:
Now now...tabloidy? I don't want to be tabloidy....I aspire to at least NYT Magazine....but peace is good.

ArtisticTwist75 41F
2505 posts
6/2/2006 5:31 pm

As I said in SD's post... This post made me happy.


Seriously_Real replies on 6/5/2006 6:52 am:
And I am glad you are happy. So there.

jadedbabe78 105F

6/2/2006 5:48 pm

Copy and pasting here because I'm lazy...

Wheeeeeeeeeeeee, good for you .

Seriously_Real replies on 6/5/2006 6:55 am:
I don't mind you being lazy. I'm just glad you stopped by.

Knot4Everyone 40F

6/2/2006 6:23 pm

I am happy for you both, and am impressed with the way this post was written.

Seriously_Real replies on 6/5/2006 6:59 am:
Peace is good.

rm_LoyalCumpany 46M
3204 posts
6/2/2006 9:59 pm

Yeah, I just bet y'all are just seeing who gets more comments...

I am JoJo the Circus Boy!

Seriously_Real replies on 6/5/2006 7:00 am:

frangipanigal 44F
10406 posts
6/2/2006 10:53 pm

Yeh, Yeh and YEH!!!!

(I know...I'm not meant to be here but when I saw this about 2 of my favourite people, I couldn't not comment!!)

Frangi x

Seriously_Real replies on 6/5/2006 7:01 am:
Thanks for coming back for us.

bipolybabe 54F

6/2/2006 11:42 pm

    Quoting rm_LoyalCumpany:
    Yeah, I just bet y'all are just seeing who gets more comments...
Such a cynic,that LoyalCumpany. There's an olive branch there and everything!

As my friend said when I separated from my ex-husband, "I'll probably say the wrong thing because I wish things were different. (We all love the illusion of love everlasting) But, let's make a pact to keep talking."

She and I are still talking some seven years later, which is to say that we in Blogville like you both and are happy not to have to choose sides.



Check out my blog Bi-Poly-Babe for more sensual, sexual pleasure!

Seriously_Real replies on 6/5/2006 7:03 am:
No side choosing required. You can be bi-friended, too.

GoddessOfTheDawn 105F
11238 posts
6/3/2006 1:08 am

    Quoting rm_LoyalCumpany:
    Yeah, I just bet y'all are just seeing who gets more comments...

~ smilez ~

gud that things are ok....

Seriously_Real replies on 6/5/2006 7:04 am:
thankz for the smilez.

JustaSeeker 105F

6/3/2006 6:08 am

Thank you. An autonomous collective it is.

Seriously_Real replies on 6/5/2006 7:06 am:
Well, I'm glad we got that cleared up.

imLadyBambi 58M/50F

6/3/2006 9:37 am


Ya'lls past is none of my business and it shouldn't be the concern of anyone elses.

By the way this is nicely written.

I think you got your point across.


Lady Bambi

Seriously_Real replies on 6/5/2006 7:06 am:
Thank you for that, Bambi.

OboesHonedIambs 62F

6/3/2006 1:40 pm

You both set a good example for decency.

Instant Human -- Just Add Coffee

Seriously_Real replies on 6/5/2006 7:07 am:
That might be the first time we've done that....heh. Better late than never, then.

Mermaidslut 49F

6/3/2006 4:38 pm

whoo hooo!

I felt like I really stepped into something icky when I found the copyright post stumbled don the rbbit hole into blogville. Especially as I worked backwards readin ya'lls blogs, not such a great way to make new friends.

This is cool! I am happy for you both!

Seriously_Real replies on 6/5/2006 7:07 am:
It's a good thing, Mermaid.

Were there penguins in the rabbit hole?

Smooth_GaL 34F
424 posts
6/5/2006 10:47 pm

Glad and happy for both of you


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