Pain is Pleasure  

Serenely_Yours 117
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3/9/2006 5:14 am

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9/5/2007 12:42 am

Pain is Pleasure

Do you enjoy pain?
Do you feel the adrenaline when you are experiencing pain?
Do you feel like you want more of it?
Do you inflict pain on yourself or others?

Sometimes when I think about it, like right now, I am so turned on. I wish someone can just pinch me hard. Anywhere. Maybe on my breasts or nipples. Someone can just spank me hard. Maybe on my the cheeks of my ass. Someone can just drip some wax on my body. Maybe on my stomach. OR someone can just tie me up and abuse me.?*

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rm_Iluvasses77 39M

4/8/2006 4:04 am

its all in the name of fun

rm_Di19682 49M
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3/14/2006 2:27 am

a little SM would be very fun. Everyone would love to have a littel excitement would be just right to turn your sex life up. I personally feel that a little SM would be just right. I do feel that I would like it too. Tell me more. Hope u could drop me a mail.

rm_kentkent65 52M

3/13/2006 8:08 am

NO...i Dun like the Pain.......I really dislike those tieing up......whipping....chaining...etc.
It really irk me.

But I do find a light bite on the partner's back, breast.....or a little love-bite......very sensual......& really a sign of love.

rm_Iluvasses77 39M

3/11/2006 9:46 pm

hmmmm... i like the sound of that.... hehehe ... maybe if u want some real thing, hey.. i juz watched some BDSM last nite... perhaps u want some? lol

Serenely_Yours 117

3/10/2006 9:31 am

About SM... I do like the idea or just to fantasize about it. That was something that I had experienced during a year of relationship with one ex-boyfriend.

He liked to play the sadist and me being the masochist. Sometimes he would want me to be the sadist. Trust is very important. Playing such games can be 'quite dangerous' coz you might not know when to stop, especially when you get so hi and excited... I had tried candle drips, nipples clamping, bondage, whipping...

One year of that relationship was good enough as Im not a real SM freak. Once in awhile, I like to think about it and will ask my husband to play a little sadistic game on me... Hes not a great fan of it afterall. Just some excitement for me!!!

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Serenely_Yours 117

3/10/2006 9:10 am

Killed first then . Ive watched one 'underground' French flim by the title 'NECROPHILIAC'...

It was about a man who had desires to have sex with fresh female death bodies. He would kill his targeted women and then have sex with the death bodies. He even preserved them. Or sometimes he would do the body snatching at the graveyard... He would either bring the corpse home, washed it clean in the tub and started having sex with it or sleep with it. Or he would do it right at the graveyard. How gross can you imagine it?

There are really people with such fetish and probably it is due to some kinda psychosis. After watching the film, I just could not sleep. It was really disturbing...

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bringmehome69 48M
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3/10/2006 3:05 am

    Quoting happyladychat:
    I do get turned on by scene.

    So.... you're into SM?
happy wow...u into that?

ya i like to first than kill...killed already

rm_ghostsg75 42M
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3/9/2006 6:24 pm

this reminds of a show....where the guy was screwing the gal....n he spanks her butt.......

do u like that 2??

mr_simply_me 45M
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3/9/2006 12:31 pm

Ah.... Did Someone call for of SM??

daze7373 43M
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3/9/2006 8:10 am

do u like all that pain?its too suffering.Maybe i can change ur mindset msg me AdultFriendFinder

happyladychat 47F
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3/9/2006 7:27 am

I do get turned on by scene.

So.... you're into SM?

Make it your challenge.... turn me ON!!

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