HEY HO LETS GO !!! The 70s PUNK ROCK !!!  

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5/27/2006 11:48 pm

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HEY HO LETS GO !!! The 70s PUNK ROCK !!!

I was reading Green_Tea_boy's's blog on [post 364701], bring back some memories on the time when I was hanging out with this group of friends/ex-colleagues who are crazy of the 70s punk rock bands. I think they still are. We would wear Punk Rock Tees, Levis 501 and Underground boots. My hair was not in punky style but I did dye it streaks of blonde. It was long and still could do some heads banging. And particularly Im very into The Ramones. Sex Pistols are good too, but I find The Ramones are "cuter and sillier".

I have no idea how many of you here are into them. Definitely not my husband's cup of tea. As I am playing their CDs now, hes wondering WTF are they singing and to him, punk are just rubbish. No offence anyone please. Hes just ignorant about punk rock and he just discovered that Im into that and thought Ive become crazy overnight. Abit of a shock. He was not around with me that time when I was crazy of punk rock. He thought that the nosiest rock band Im listening to is Green Day or Radiohead. I feel like Im bringing back a music revolution. In my own world I mean. I have completely lost touch of Punk Rock until today. Flash back... Oh yeah... Thats it. Punk Rock Rulez...

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dennylcadc2 60M

5/28/2006 3:28 pm

the ramones were damn good, but give iggy pop a try; i think you'll really get into him; he's awesome

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