Female Genital Mutilation  

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Female Genital Mutilation

How many of us are aware of female genital mutilation?
It is very cruel to women who are being forced to be performed on such an act.
It has been a controversy. I was reminded again when I watched the film "Kiss Me Not On The Eyes". When I got home, I went into a search about this issue and I would like to share it here.

Female Genital Mutilation (FGM)
The removal of part, or all, of the female genitalia. The most severe form is infibulation, also known as pharaonic circumcision. Most of all mutilations are infibulations. The procedure consists of clitoridectomy where all, or part of, the clitoris is removed. Excision is removal of all, or part of, the labia minora, and cutting of the labia majora to create raw surfaces, which are then stitched or held together in order to form a cover over the vagina when they heal. A small hole is left to allow urine and menstrual blood to escape. In some less conventional forms of infibulation, less tissue is removed and a larger opening is left.

The vast majority of genital mutilations performed consist of clitoridectomy or excision. The least radical procedure consists of the removal of the clitoral hood.

In some traditions a ceremony is held, but no mutilation of the genitals occurs. The ritual may include holding a knife next to the genitals, pricking the clitoris, cutting some pubic hair, or light scarification in the genital or upper thigh area.

The procedure is carried out at a variety of ages, ranging from shortly after birth to some time during the first pregnancy, but most commonly occurs between the ages of four and eight. Some experienced it when they are in the age of puberty.

An estimated 135 million of the world's girls and women have undergone genital mutilation, and two million girls a year are at risk of mutilation at approximately 6,000 per day. It is practised extensively in Africa and is common in some countries in the Middle East.

Physical and Psychological Effects
The effects of genital mutilation can lead to death. At the time the mutilation is carried out, pain, shock, haemorrhage and damage to the organs surrounding the clitoris and labia can occur. Afterwards urine may be retained and serious infection develop. Use of the same instrument on several girls without sterilization can cause the spread of HIV.

More commonly, the chronic infections, intermittent bleeding, abscesses and small benign tumours of the nerve which can result from clitoridectomy and excision cause discomfort and extreme pain.

First sexual intercourse can only take place after gradual and painful dilation of the opening left after mutilation. In some cases, cutting is necessary before intercourse can take place. Some new wives are seriously damaged by unskilful cutting carried out by their husbands. A possible additional problem resulting from all types of female genital mutilation is that lasting damage to the genital area can increase the risk of HIV transmission during intercourse.

During childbirth, existing scar tissue onexcised women may tear. Infibulated women, whose genitals have been tightly closed, have to be cut to allow the baby to emerge. If no attendant is present to do this, perineal tears or obstructed labour can occur. After giving birth, women are often reinfibulated to make them "tight" for their husbands. The constant cutting and restitching of a women's genitals with each birth can result in tough scar tissue in the genital area.

A small number of clinical cases of psychological illness related to genital mutilation have been reported. Despite the lack of scientific evidence, personal accounts of mutilation reveal feelings of anxiety, terror, humiliation and betrayal, all of which would be likely to have long-term negative effects. The shock and trauma of the operation may contribute to the behaviour described as "calmer" and "docile", considered positive in societies that practise female genital mutilation.

Why Is FGM Practised
1 ) Cultural identity Custom and tradition are by far the most frequently cited reasons for FGM. Many people in FGM-practising societies, especially traditional rural communities, regard FGM as so normal that they cannot imagine a woman who has not undergone mutilation. Others are quoted as saying that only outsiders or foreigners are not genitally mutilated. A girl cannot be considered an adult in a FGM-practising society unless she has undergone FGM.

2 ) Gender identity FGM is often deemed necessary in order for a girl to be considered a complete woman, and the practice marks the divergence of the sexes in terms of their future roles in life and marriage.

The removal of the clitoris and labia ' viewed by some as the "male parts" of a woman's body ' is thought to enhance the girl's femininity, often synonymous with docility and obedience.

It is possible that the trauma of mutilation may have this effect on a girl's personality. If mutilation is part of an initiation rite, then it is accompanied by explicit teaching about the woman's role in her society.

3 ) Control of women's sexuality and reproductive functions In many societies, an important reason given for FGM is the belief that it reduces a woman's desire for sex, therefore reducing the chance of sex outside marriage. The ability of unmutilated women to be faithful through their own choice is doubted. It is extremely difficult, if not impossible, for a woman to marry if she has not undergone mutilation. In the case of infibulation, a woman is "sewn up" and "opened" only for her husband. Preventing women from indulging in "illegitimate" sex, and protecting them from unwilling sexual relations, are vital because the honour of the whole family is seen to be dependent on it. Infibulation does not, however, provide a guarantee against "illegitimate" sex, as a woman can be "opened" and "closed" again.


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titan_firm 43M

5/1/2009 7:35 pm

We are worse than the animals humans try to distance themselves from.

You only have to go to Indonesia and possibly Malaysia to find it practised, fortunately in one of the more minor forms. (not that it should happen at all)

But apart from the few people from Amnesty and the United Nations trying to teach people out of their beliefs and promote change very little can be done in our politically correct society and the practise will continue for many more years.

Look up suttee for another terrible practice, fortunately one that is almost extinct through legislation and education.

Serenely_Yours replies on 5/14/2009 7:04 am:
Thanks for sharing your information!

HoneyTeaser 40F

5/15/2008 9:15 am

There's a very disturbing movie about a teenage girls being abused and tortured by her step-mum and step brothers...they burnt her private after one of the boy her...at the end she died.

"Don't compete, make them IRRELEVANT!"

Serenely_Yours replies on 5/17/2008 3:33 am:
I think they have been possessed by the devil and his advocates.

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4/18/2006 9:54 am

i read voraciously from young,.. and first learned about FGM when i was 10... dehumanising isn't it? Wonder what we can do to help it go the way of the lotus-feet?

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4/17/2006 1:15 am

A great post


Serenely_Yours 117

4/14/2006 7:45 am

    Quoting funsassy:
    I read this book DESERT CHILDREN by Waris Dirie.

    Dirie, The Somalian model, she was circumcised at the age of five. She wrote this book for the intention to let the world know how painful and humiliating the Female gentital mutilation process can be.

    This is a gripping first-person accounts so I strongly recommend you to read her story if you are interested.
Oh Thanks Sassy, I will check out the book!

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4/14/2006 4:11 am

Knock22 a shoulder to cry....Body and tools to enjoy..???
Well i am sure to be able to do a service for you. There are many ways of handling the licking job. Assure you my lips and tongue + nose can definitely bleed the canal of ur reservor,its deep as you know but and art not easy to master and can last for hours if there is any H2o left ... lets gear up for happines not sorrows..cheers..

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