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3/29/2006 5:14 am

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I think Im kinda addicted to AdultFriendFinder, MSN or SMS chat. To me, it is a form of de-stress. Why not? If my hubby is not around or busy with his work, I do not have anybody else to talk to at home. Even if hes around, we do not talk so much sometimes as we are all tired. (Well, he is a good listener and I do talk to him!) I talk to my handphone. Recorded my own voice. Listen to it again and again. Trying to find the perfect tone of voice. Hmmm. Crazy or simply Boring. You may wonder why I do not go out to meet my friends or hang out at clubs. Or chat with someone on the phone. It will be the last thing I wanna do. I want to enjoy the tranquility within my own space. Its my form of de-stress. Afterall, the whole day has been spent at work, listening to stresses of other people. I do not think I wanna stress my friends about my work. Considering their stress at work too. So I guess chatting online with someone I do not really know is a good form of de-stressing. Plus constant workout at the gym or jumping into the pool for a few rounds. Kinda relax my mind too. Anyway, I have been a chatter since early days during my twenties. Just getting into it again. I think it is a good form of de-stress. Almost forgot. Having sex is a good choice too. Work it out on the bed, Darlings.>>! Its good for you!

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4/1/2006 3:47 am

There is a new disease thats quickly spreading through, its symptoms are stress, mental lapses and lack of focus. The name of this disease is OMS...Overnight Mail Syndrome, which wants you to meet deadlines.

To destress, blogging is one of course others' finds better ways that they feel can overcome them.

Ps extract from Today.

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3/30/2006 10:41 pm

Talking to someone that u have not seen would also be a good destress. As u can tell all that u what and u will feel much better. Do remember to chat with me at my y.h. l1968yh.

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    Quoting funsassy:
    Join me in the chatroom the next time De-stress!
OH SURE Sassy... Look forward to chat with you!

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