Blog #1 - Personal Intro & Deep Thoughts  

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6/25/2006 7:34 am
Blog #1 - Personal Intro & Deep Thoughts

Hi everyone. First off, just wanted to thank you for taking the time to read my first blog before you return to your horny self.

Be forewarned: This is just my personal thoughts and person opinions. I am not interested in a debate or an argument because I have no time for that. You are entitled to your own opinions and I am entitled to mine. Period.

I am pretty sure you read my profile and you are probably wondering why I am only interested in a "non-U.S. woman".

First, this is my pathetic background what kind of experience with women that I have so far:
* 40 y.o., never been married, no kids
* worst, never been involved in a "relationship" with a woman
* even worst, never could get a date ("I prefer to be friends" - I've too many female friends!)
* it gets much worst than that - I am very inexperienced in sex
* even trying to understand a girl's body language or signals drive me up the wall

You're thinking, "There is something wrong with this guy, seriously though. He's lying and bullshitting. Maybe he's gay?" Ah, what gives you the right to judge me without getting to know me first? Would it be better if you talk to me, to get to know me?

Never judge a person until you talk to him/her first to understand that person's background and where he/she is coming from. That has always been my rule of thumb. *For those who follow this rule of thumb, I congratulate you!*

Now, think about this for a minute, do you honestly think any woman in America would go out with me? Personally, and honestly, I don't know. Each woman is always different.

You could say "Yes" out of pity towards me, which I am not interested in.

Maybe I could easily talk to a woman and ask her out? Well, this might not be a bad idea. Although, over the years, I could only manage to end up getting a bunch of various b.s. responses: bald, hearing-impaired, old, not good-looking enough, not interested *infinity*, etc. All the answers pretty much left me amused and it allowed me to laugh without taking it personal. I don't dwell on it because my positive attitude is more important and it's how I maintain my sanity by taking a dose of humor and laughter to get through the bullshit.

Note: I am not savvy nor hot nor a smooth talker. Cut the fucking bullshit and just say "hi". I just say "hi" and go from there because I pick up on whether a woman is interested or not. The rest is pretty self-explanatory.

Why should I come up with some lame-ass pick-up line to get into your pants?

Our society rely too much on the media - magazines, TV shows, movies, even music (hip-hop or ). Look at how our brains are wired. One perceive people and would dream of: power, beauty, money, big breasts, big cocks, etc. It's okay to dream if one work hard for it. But what happen if the dream is not what you expected once you reach that potential?

I don't have a problem with the media/technology in our society. And I don't have a problem with women who are interested in superficial guys.

In fact, I would be the first to admit that I am looking for a woman younger than me with an athetlic background. "Why?" Well, why not? I've never been in a relationship before although I know my chances are slim and a long-shot. Maybe this is where serendipity comes along.

What really annoys me and turns me off? Today's generation is so different from more than 20 years ago. I used to say "hi" to just about any girls out of respect due to my playful attitude.
*I still have a playful attitude to this day and I never change.* But now, when I say "hi" respectfully to a girl simply because I wanted to meet new people and make new friends, I get a look of "he's a predator", "he's a freak", "ewww" etc. It's like we are living in a world of fear and paranoid where technology and media controls people's living rooms, I think. So much for fucking up ordinary people's lives.

So what happened to "respect"? What happend to "hi"? They are being replaced with negative attitude and it can be any number of them: "diva", "bitch", "asshole", "tough guy", "social status", etc.

Not all of them are like this. Very few are genuine. I have been very fortunate enough to meet very few females who had become good friends of mine that I had met through sports-related training and/or events. It's just getting more harder and more challenging to meet people for friendships and stuff.

This is why I am seeking to find a non-American woman OUTSIDE the United States for a serious relationship. What I noticed is that American women's mindsets are so different from non-American's mindsets and values. For example, a lot of my female friends are strong-willed, independent, and career-minded. That's great and I am very happy for them. I applaud them. Their careers are first and important. No problem.

However, most of my female friends are singles and they complained that they couldn't find a guy for serious relationship. (Yes, I asked them out and got turned down by each one. One is bisexual; one is a christian; one is a full-blown lesbian. Figure it out yourself.)

I had met a few European ladies in the past in college and I must admit that their mindset was, and is, DIFFERENT. From talking with them, relationship/family is supposedly first, career is unimportant. This caused me to realize that their upbringing and culture were different from our culture.

What places did I look for if I were to talk to a woman or ask her out on a date, for sex, etc.?
* Workplace, no luck. Too many dicks, not enough pussies.
* Personal ads - no luck. Too many phonies and too many spams. *No secret here. Everybody's going through the same thing.* I have to admit that AdultFriendFinder is the worst offender and the ratio of dick-to-pussy is astounding (about 10-to-1).
* Gym - no luck. I am the bane of my existence in most women's eyes. Gym is the most amusing place to observe guys and gals in "animal passion" mode.
* MALLS, GROCERY STORES - This is something I haven't done due to my inconsistent hours of training and work.

The weather is going to be awesome today and I'm going to get my fucking ass outside to do some mountain biking and trail running. Until then, enjoy your day off!

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