SensuousWoman3 55F
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6/2/2006 3:10 pm

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This blogging business is a little harder than it looks until you get the hang of it! I certainly don’t have the hang of it yet! I am trying to respond to each and every person who has been kind enough to come to my “party” but, damn, I didn’t know one person could mess up as much as me!

So, I have a dilemma. The guys I used to work with called and said they were having an “emergency board meeting” after work tonight. That means cocktails! At first I wasn’t going to go as I was getting on a roll in answering posters to my first blog. I was thinking, “No, I’ve got to get this done!” And then I started thinking, “SW3! Ya geek! It’ll be there tonight and tomorrow and the next day! Chill!”

To one and all, it is 5 o’clock somewhere and Party Girl SW3 is off to see the fellas she adores. This is one of those times you say to yourself, “It is good to be a girl!” The bonus is that since I don’t work with them anymore, I get to hug and kiss them when I see them!” I hope my HBL (Hunk of Burning Love) is there! Aw, don’t go getting nutty. It’s just a mutual and unspoken crush. Besides, he is married (off-limits) and I love his wife. One time, the manager of that department was saying how the boys were talking about the girls in the office. He related that my “HBL” said that if he was a single guy he’d be chasing me all over the place. I turned and looked at him and said, “Yeah? Well if that were to be the case, I’d not only slam on the breaks, I throw it in reverse!”

All is in good fun! I am off! Cheers to one and all!

JuicyBBW1001 54F

6/2/2006 3:49 pm

Ok we want details please.


themisskrissy 56F
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6/2/2006 6:43 pm

no law says you have to respond all right away to everyone!!!

how many of SW3's good readers and posters would say "eff the blog, i am having some fun tonight?" every flippin one of us!!!! thats how many.. and if any of you would rather not have fun and stay home blogging, we will support you as much as possible while you undergo serious therapy!

Virtue Alone Ennobles

HighPocKets1938 77M

6/2/2006 7:17 pm

    Quoting themisskrissy:
    no law says you have to respond all right away to everyone!!!

    how many of SW3's good readers and posters would say "eff the blog, i am having some fun tonight?" every flippin one of us!!!! thats how many.. and if any of you would rather not have fun and stay home blogging, we will support you as much as possible while you undergo serious therapy!
Go for it FULL SPEED Dear. You may not get the chance to often iffen you are "too busy" blogging.
BTW, I agree with misskrissy and I can endorse one excelent therepist (Dr Feelgooder N. Gooder) for those "therepy sessions". He does tend to delve verrry deep into any Lady that has any such problems.

SolarPowered0 67M
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6/2/2006 8:22 pm

Sometimes a BLOG is important enough for even the long-lost to re-emerge into that field of view reserved for only the thickest of skins.

Good BLOGin' to ya, KB!

Solar... (out of the clear blue of the Western Sky)

PS: The warmest of feelings to my friends...

themisskrissy 56F
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6/2/2006 10:43 pm

feeling your warmth solar, and right back atcha..

Virtue Alone Ennobles

phoenix639 49F

6/2/2006 11:54 pm

So what did YOU wear lmao.

Hope you had fun hun as ive arrived here when youre most likely back home snuggled in bed.

You get invited to cocktail parties...ive been invited to a kids bouncy castle party!!! Hmmm im going wrong somewhere here.

steamyandsexybi 43F
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6/3/2006 2:55 am

LOL! SW3, THAT "HBL" would be enough for me to say: Screw the blogs for the night,too! I dont blame ya not one bit!! ENJOY! Ya only live once,right?!! (PS- We wanna know the 'after party' details....)

rm_nimfoman72 44M

6/3/2006 5:11 am

good choice, to go out that is. i mean the idea behing AdultFriendFinder is to meet people and get out/network,,,,,at least i think so(chuckle). anyway as long as your enjoying yourself however you use it thats important right?????

flagg134 36M
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6/4/2006 12:42 am

Glad to see you still checkin at times solar.

Don't worry bout answering every comment what I will say is this don't quit procrastinate a post because you haven't gotten back to everyone. Respond to those you can when you can and never put blogging in front of your real life.


Hippink 35F
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6/4/2006 10:30 am

Must be nice to be single!
I'm always stuck at home blogging on my Saturday nights!
Not that I would change it, or anything.
Have fun flirting! (Arrrgh, that's gotta be frustrating that the best ones are always taken!!!).
SOLAR! I KNEW he couldn't stay away for too long...
Hippie XXX

SensuousWoman3 55F
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6/6/2006 5:29 am

Juice: I had a tremendous time! Nothing like cheers and applause when you walk in the bar. I hadn’t seen the boys since I wore my hair short ala Winoa Ryder and now it is long ala Jennifer Aniston--and straightened! Surprise, surprise–they like the short hair better! I could have fainted! The long hair is so much work! But these terrific men would surprise you in so many ways. They are about women, real women, and loyal as the day is long.

We laughed and chatted and they filled me in on all kinds of details. What I loved the very most is that it was almost like yesterday that we’d last talked. That is huge to me. Thanks for asking!

TMK: LOL! Oh, Krissy! You are so right! I have always placed too much pressure on myself. Thanks for setting me straight. I am never above reproach.

HP: Thanks to for the good advice to you as well, HP! Gee, I really DO feel like the baby in blogland! BTW–I’ve noted the name of the therapist!

Solar: Thank you, Solar! There have been three of you nudging me forward, two of you for several months now. Your cameo appearance warms my heart. A special ~wink~ and a ~smile~ to you.

P.S. (Solar, I just want you to know, upon joining “my boys” on Friday evening, they had all just done a shot of Tequila and insisted I do the same. I think anyone who knows me knows I don’t do anything I really don’t want to do, but my “HBL” just happened to have a untouched shot of Tequila on hand and ready to roll. Despite my half-assed moan of “I don’t do Tequila!” While I have nothing to prove, I am not one to back down lightly. I can hold my own with all of them. So, I did the salt, lime and all, and you know what? It just so happened to be pretty damned smooth tequila–-when I discovered who’d ordered up, I knew why. I went over to my bar stool at the table and I sat back for a moment and said, “Yeah! That was just what the doctor ordered.” Like Joe Cocker says, “I was feeling alright, mmm-hmmm!”

Sheeana: Girl, you know it! I place too much pressure on myself.

About cocktails, etc., Sister, the grass is always greener. Forgive the analogy, but kids can be a high and a hangover all in one. However, cocktails come and go, but they’ll never be as rewarding as hanging out with your little guy. Never, ever, ever.

Phoe: “So what did YOU wear lmao”

Well, I wore my pink pleather pants and my green pleather halter top and some thigh high fake-pleather white boots! Now THERE’S a picture for ya, Sister! (Disclaimer: The apparel as described above DID NOT HAPPEN!)

Steami: Oh! I didn’t Know the “HBL” would be there---just a nice bonus! Although, one of my closest former workers and confidants, upon seeing me dazed and confused as I walked into the dark bar, came up and greeted and me and then said, “SW3, look who’s sitting under the clock…” I turned to him (my former co-worker and confidant) and raised my eyebrows up and down and we collapsed into laughter! He also knows the married man is off limits to me and vice versa. It’s just a little joke.

Now as for what happened---or what what COULD have happened afterward---all I can say is “Coo coo ca-choo, Mrs. Robinson.” That's a whole 'nother story!

Ninfoman: It was a good choice indeed–-should have been a no-brainer! It is a no-brainer! I just lost my head for a moment there. ~~palm against the forehead~~ What was I thinking?

SSS: Well, considering I just got home this morning…(Tuesday) (not true)…SSS, you may as well come clean and tell everyone, you had your people secretly install a GPS tracking device on my car. You know my whereabouts at any given time!

Oh, of course he is still my Harrison Ford HBL. And of course he is still married and I am quite fond of his wife as well. No flirting takes place with him–-not even jokingly-- nothing like that. Just someone that I respect and like on so many levels. I am extremely fond of him. He was an excellent co-worker. We both had a bit of the devil in us yet both were solid on core issues.

Flagg: Great advice, Flagg. I worry about such things. Sometimes I even worry that Hell won’t have me.

Hippie: “Must be nice to be single!” Oh, don’t you know it! My life is filled with one meaningless affair after another! ~rolls eyes~ Hey, when you’re my age and have been single all you’re life, you can’t make a move without everybody zoning in on you! They watch every move you make–and I mean EVERY!

Aww–they’re all good guys–a couple of their wives called while we were out and I was thrilled to be able to talk to them as well. It had been a long time. That is just how the situation comes down. The wives and I have had A LOT of fun together---at wedding receptions for example---I call for something like Wild Cherry’s one hit wonder, “Play That Funky Music White Boy” and then suddenly all the chicks are transformed into the Solid Gold Dancers, the party begins, and for once, the guys find themselves to be the designated drivers. Too bad, so sad boys!

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