I never knew how much she liked head until...  

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8/27/2005 5:30 am

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I never knew how much she liked head until...

It started as a fantastic date with a woman I had known for years but always were on a platonic level.
We both agreed to go out on a date since both of our hit and miss ratios were more misses than hits with memebers of the opposite sex. The usual run in of just not finding a connection mentally, sexually, spiritually or combination of several different levels was far too often for both of us and after a random run in at a local coffee shop we exchanged numbers again(since she moved to a different apartment since last talking to her) and agreed to stay in touch.
After several conversations that lasted more than 5 minutes, we both found a common night that was available to both of us since we both worked crazy hours.
What I thought was the ending of a great time enjoying conversation and great company intentionally turned into an intense sexual romp.
As we drove back from dinner, the conversation on the ride home turned into sexual small talk. The last good sex sex either of us had, favorite positions, turn ons, what physical characteristics get each other going, etc etc.
As I pulled up to her apartment complex gate, I rolled down the window to enter to ask her to enter code and she, what I thought indavertently grazed her hand very close in the inside of my thigh as she leaned over to enter her code to open the gate instead of just telling me the numbers to press on the key pad.
We drove through the gates to her apartment and put the car in park. I turned down the radio and told that it was great to have a good time for once. Her reply, "It was a good time and still can be a great time", as she groped me with no subtltety this time as she proceeded to get out of the car.
I quicky turned off the car, following her very closely up the stairs to the door.
As she placed her key into the lock, I placed both hands on each of her ass cheeks and pressed myself against her with that sexy black skirt. The firmness of her cheeks instantly created a strain on my cock against my pants. She's a fitness freak and the feel of those ass cheeks sent my over active imagination wondering how good she must look showing it off in a thong.
As we entered her apartment she boldly said quietly but assertively, "I want to feel your cock grow hard in my mouth as I drain every drop of cum down my throat".
She started to undress with her back to me and by the time she turned to me, her blouse was unbuttoned and off her shoulders as she reached to unzip my pants.
Her blouse now non-existent as she dropped to her knees, her black bra complimenting her suntanned skin while fondling for my zipper.
I know in trying to explain the look she had in her eyes will not do justice but I'll try.
As my pants fell to my ankles, she looked up at me with lust, eagerness and a shy demure that accented my precum to almost the point of feeling like a climax as those soft lips licked the head of my cock. Her green eyes, focused on my cock, then gazing back to me with approval was definitely giving me a standing ovation for her.
Her tongue ran across my smooth, freshly shaved balls making them tense tighter with the sensitivity of her wetness against my smooth skin as she cupped my cock in her hand and stroked my fully erect cock while encircling my taunt balls with her mouth and tongue.
Her tongue moved up from my balls to the length of the underneath of my hardness, straight to the head where she licked at that precum before placing her mouth completely over my head. My head was extremely swollen as she just sucked the head hard with that slurping suction sound that was turning me on more than I thought I could take. Her mouth moved from my head to swallowing my whole length as her lips met my stomach - deepthroating my throbbing cock completely while tugging on my sacs full of hot cum that just wanted to coat those sexy lips of hers. She released her pressure of her mouth on my cock while holding me deep in her throat then tightened back up while sliding my cock out of her mouth until she circled my head with her tongue while rotating strokes with her hand on my length. Looking me squarely in the eyes she nuzzled her tongue underneath my balls, sliding her tongue further back and further back until I felt her licking my tight ass cheeks that was somehow extremely turned on by the thought of her tongue sliding there sending waves of pleasure against all those nerve endings.
Never taking her eyes off of mine she sprad my ass apart with her hands and tongue fucked my ass. I was moaning a low end rumble that I thought for sure was making the whole apartment shake. I told her how badly she was making want to cum while her muffled response was, "My intetnion".
Her tongue moved from my ass, back to my balls and that sensitive area between while her finnger rubbed my violated but pleased ass as in ran in cricles of those virgin nerve endings. I felt her warm mouth suck hard on my balls as her finger parted me in such an odd but erotic way. Her finger sliding deeper into my ass as she pulled on my balls with her mouth. Her finger working its way deeper and deeper with her mouth sucked harder and harder on my rock hard balls. Her finger sliding in and out against my prostate while her mouth worked her magic.
It seemed like hours of pleasure that I know now was just a few minutes on intense sensuality asshe was making moan louder and louder that was turnig into grunt and she knew I was close to exploding.
Knowing this, she was unrelentless. Her finger probing harder, faster and deeper with each finger fuck of my sensitive ass while her mouth never released it erotic but firm grip on my balls, Finally, my body quivered, my legs shaked as I released the most intense orgasm all over her lips and face. Like a seasoned pro she never blinked only to slide her mouth down my shaft to taste what drops she missed and told me that she wanted to savore my cum for a long time and it was well worth the wait.

DefiniteTrouble 50F

8/28/2005 3:20 pm

Oh! Very good...quite erotic. You sure we haven't already met, lol. (think I'll go check my closet for my black mini...)

rm_TNButterfly 43F

4/17/2006 7:15 pm

This was definitely a different prospective. It was more graphic, yet more erotic being written by a man. I enjoyed the story. Thanks for giving me a goal to attempt to achieve.


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