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10/20/2005 12:41 pm

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Halloween is my favorite holiday, there is no other holiday that comes close. A holiday that you can dress up, goof off, have fun, be yourself and not have people look down out at you because you're not acting your age, it's all in good fun and most arent out to be malicious. If those who criticize the holiday perhaps they should look into the the history of it before pointing fingers which leads me to a few questions...

Do you celebrate Halloween? (hell yes!)

Do you up dress sexy? Scary?

Anyone know of any good parties this year?

What was the best costume you dressed as?
The best costume you ever seen?( one comes to mind was this hot cop outfit at the Outer Limit {R.I.P.} hot daisy dukes with have cuffs...is there a problem officer? lol )
Any other Halloween comments, thoughts, memories welcomed.

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